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Content Marketing Strategies used by the Big Brands How the Big Brands are executing content marketing strategies.

Episode 9 of Inside the Igloo, the #1 content marketing show for peeps who like winning with Wes Ward. Nate Riggs from the Karcher Group in Ohio joins Wes to talk about what is possible with content marketing.

They talk about the strategies some of the big brands are using to execute excellent content marketing for their carefully defined audience.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS for your convenience.

4:10 Stick to what you’re good at.
5:01 Publishing comes with responsibility – don’t get feedback, so motivation drops
6:47 Content is king _______ is Queen?
9:55 Mid sized/Big brands starting to value
11:07 How Karcher Group commence content marketing for clients
12:22 Pulling the business part to start – starting from scratch
13:25 Content Igloo’s remit
14:08 Influencer marketing
16:00 what are the big brands doing for new audience development?
16:20 Redbull content marketing – space jump
20:28 Instagram has a web interface
24:30 content marketing as a leadership vehicle
25:16 content marketing cola wars – content 2020: stories to market a business rather than 4P’s marketing
33:10 Lack of resources? planning is key

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