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COVID Long Hauler, when to see your primary care doctor?

COVID-19 has many long term complications identified as Long Haulers symptoms. With so many symptoms, you need to be evaluated by your primary care doctor for all of the complications and then start a treatment plan for each symptom. At times, you will be referred to a consultant or a specialist for more advanced care. Today will learn when to see your primary care doctor and what are the tests and treatments available for long COVID-19 symptoms and Long Haulers with the Primary Care Physician and the founder of Henry Ford COVID Recovery Program Dr. Eunice Yu.

⏰Time Codes⏰
0:00 Introduction
0:52 When to see your Primary Care Doctor?
1:52 PCP Evaluation of Long COVID
3:07 Testing for Long COVID
4:33 Systems affected by Long COVID
6:51 Follow up for Long COVID
7:67 Causes of Flare ups
9:57 Treatment for Long COVID Symptoms
10:39 Is Vaccine Safe for Long COVID?
11:01 When to Get Vaccinated after Long COVID
11:49 When to Refer to a Specialist
14:56 Henry Ford COVID Recovery Program
16:15 How to Improve Access to the Clinic
17:37 Future Research Directions
19:05 Advice for Patients
20:10 Advice for Primary Care Doctors

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