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Create an Autoblog blogging AI website with ChatGPT WordPress and Elementor

In this video tutorial I’ve explained how you can create a stunning blogging website connected with ChatGPT API.
You don’t need to write anything, chatgpt will write for you and you just need to setup it by following the steps. After setting up you can start an auto blogging and start your online blogging career.
It will be fully automatic and auto blog and you just need to follow the instructions once.
This is fully AI engine website with ChatGPT AI all the blog posts and SEO-friendly posts will be generated automatically.

Plugins used
AI Engine (For AI blogging )
Elementor Pro
Envato Elements

Theme used Hello Elementor.

Blog Inspiration

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Install WordPress in Hosting
02:36 WordPress Basic Settings
03:53 Install Necessary Plugins
05:57 Connect ChatGPT with WordPress via API Key
07:12 Create Categories for Blogs
08:12 Generate Articles Titles with ChatGPT
08:42 Generate AI articles with ChatGPT and WordPress
10:19 SEO Modifications in AI post
13:00 Install Hello Elementor WordPress Theme
13:43 Add Necessary Pages
16:08 Install Elementor Page Builder
17:54 Adding Header and Footer Blocks
31:17 Landing Page Design with Elementor
1:00:41 Post Template Design with Elementor
1:15:22 Archive Template design

1 Install WordPress in Control Penal
2 Install Required Plugins and Activate
3 Connnect ChatGPT via API key with wordpress
4 Create an autoblog post with chatgpt API AI engine Plugin
5 Add More posts

Design Part
6 Install Elementor and Elementor Pro Plugin
Download Elementor Pro Plugin here
7 Install Hello WordPress plugin
8 Add Necessary Pages Home and Blog
9 Design Homepage or Landing page
10 Design Post Template
11 Design Archive template

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