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Create KDP Book Titles FAST Using AI – Chat GPT

➑️ Using AI to Get KDP Niche Ideas:

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Coming up with good titles, subtitles and descriptions for your KDP low content and medium content books can be challenging. Fortunately we now have artificial intelligence or AI tools, in particular ChatGPT, that can help us considerably and also speed up the process. One of the secrets to using AI tools is to use the right prompts to get a good output. I give you some good ideas for prompts to use to get good KDP titles, subtitles and descriptions, incorporating your chosen keywords very fast. I also show you a good suggestion for coming up with non fiction and fiction titles as well, for books published on Amazon. KDP books are a great way to start and get into creating an online business and build an online income, even a passive income.

πŸ› οΈ Tools and Resources I use:

➑ Canva:
➑ Publisher Rocket:
➑ Helium 10 (20% off and 10% off Deals):
➑ Book Bolt (Use paul20 to get 20% OFF):
➑ Vecteezy:
➑ AMZ Suggestion Expander Pro:
➑ Tubebuddy:

00:00 Introduction
01:35 AI Prompts
02:02 ChatGPT
02:39 Create AI Titles
05:26 KDP Title Structure
08:00 AI Fiction Titles

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About this video – In this video I show you how to use AI – ChatGPT to come with titles, subtitles and descriptions for KDP low content and medium content books.


20 thoughts on “Create KDP Book Titles FAST Using AI – Chat GPT”

  1. Thanks a lot Paul for those tips on how to use chat GPT
    I'm going to start writing childerns book but I can't draw for the illustration part, can I use Ai websites like Midjourney to generate my story images ? is that allowed with kdp ?

  2. Hi Paul, great video! I absolutely LOVE using ChatGPT for self-publishing! I really agree that the most challenging part is coming up with detailed prompts.

    To solve this problem, I have actually created an online tool to generate descriptions using AI (ChatGPT-3), starting just with the title or topic!

    It's called AIBooks4KDP, I added an optional field to add more details or to personalise the prompt a bit in case the generated description is not relevant enough. Also, I added a check in the background to ensure the book's topic is in line with KDP policies (NOT a trademark check!). Everything is AI-powered, so I can't guarantee that, but if the tool recognises something off should come out with an error message.

    Feel free to let me know your thoughts. There is a lot of room for improvement, but I hope it could be helpful for someone! : )

  3. Can you use one kdp account for different niches? and how? Please recommend any of your videos you've talked about this topic or a new video about this topic. And any little seo tricks to appear on the first page on Amazon for the target keyword.

  4. Hi Paul, thanks so much for sharing. I am using it to rewrite my book description. It's so much better than my own writing as English isn't my native language! It brings me lots of new ideas to work on my books! Thanks again!!

  5. I have been experimenting as you suggest. I like the generation of a description, etc. that I can edit. I wanted to warn you, don't depend on this for anything that has to be factual. I tried to create a trivia book. Chat GPT gives me answers that contradict itself. Also, when it gives me an answer and I ask a clarifying answer it corrects the content of my question (i.e., info it just gave to me) before it answers. At one point I asked for trivia questions about a type of animal. It gave me some really interesting questions and answers. But also a comment that most of the specific animals described don't really exist outside of imagination. On the positive side, when I point out it has given me two entirely different and mutually exclusive answers it does apologize. 😊😊

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