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Create KDP Word Search Books FAST – Book Bolt Tutorial

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Publishing KDP Activity books, including word search books, can be very challenging. Finding good word lists, creating an original interior and cover and then putting it all together to upload to Amazon are essential to creating good books that sell. Using the new Book Bolt studio software now makes the whole process of creating puzzle books a lot easier. I show you where to find word lists and how to create an attractive cover and a book interior, in this software, ready to upload to Amazon. And the process is fast.

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00:00 Introduction
01:04 Christmas Word Search
01:32 Book Bolt
02:27 Word Search Lists
04:14 Create Book Interior
08:53 Create Book Cover

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About this video – In this video I show you how to create a word search book fast in Book Bolt.


43 thoughts on “Create KDP Word Search Books FAST – Book Bolt Tutorial”

  1. Great video Paul. I like the tools Book Bolt has, but there are some things I wish I could do. The main one is having some control over the search words. Is it possible to change the font size of these and make them capitalised to match the search grid? Younger kids may struggle switching upper to lower case in their heads.

  2. This was excellent Paul. I thought I was the only one who used XMas. 🤣 Thank you for making this video. Great options. Have a great week. 🙌🏼😱💯🙏🏼☕🎉

  3. Is it right to mention that we must not put a space in between 2 words as this puts a blank in the word grid where a letter should be, just a thought to mention, as I have just discovered why there are gaps in the gris. Gotta go fix that now. Cheers Paul.

  4. Currently working on my own KDP journey, your content is really helping out, about to publish my first coloring book very soon and build up from there! The journey will be fun and succesfull!

  5. Good video Paul. I just brought Affinity Designer (Windows) so I'll be using that to do my book covers for my brand of books. I did two new books for my brand-one was a Thanksgiving coloring book for kids and the other was a Halloween word search book and I did some promoting on my brand's social media-Instagram and Tik Tok.

  6. Thanks, for another great video. Paul, some puzzle-making software allows you to screen for offensive words. In particular when the spelling is reversed. Do you know if this has that feature?

  7. Hello Paul,
    This is an excellent tutorial. am new to this. Have never published anything at all. I followed your tutorial and took notes. I watched it several times and I am still lost on the part where you said to download the DOT BACKGROUND. Where does that come from? Where do I get the DOT TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND from?
    Thank you so much for all the research and work that you put into creating these tutorials.

  8. Very clear step by step . Thank you .
    I just started my puzzle but I see I have some blank spaces on some of my puzzles where there is a two word,wording . Is there a way that I can get around that without putting the word together? (Apple pie, Applepie)

  9. I really want to make a puzzle book, but I'm worried about duplicate copyright and trademark issues. I'm afraid that I will lose my account, word search book look almost the same on every page, only the words

  10. Hi! The K in CMYK stands for black and it is better for printing unlike RGB which is better for screens, either way I find they it doesn't make a big difference, it depends on the printing method and the colors.

  11. When you put in the number of pages, do you have to add in the solutions pages too? For example, if I'm making 60 puzzles do I make a 60 page book or 120 page? I'm having trouble with this. When I do 60, I get no solutions. When I do 120, I get the error message that I don't have enough words.

  12. Thank you my friend, for this excellent video. Question, how do I add more pictures to my Amazon low content book listing? I already published my first low content book but Amazon only used 1 picture for that, the main book cover. Thank you

  13. When I upload the file… and put in the metrics, then submit… It keeps saying "not enough words in CVS file" I have about 255 words…. I tried to modify a few times, add more pages, etc. not sure what's off here? Have you run into this?

  14. Hi Paul, thanks for this. Do all the words have to be single words or can they be word phrases, if so do they need to be written as one word in the list or as the word phrase, eg, christmas time. / christmastime ? thanks

  15. Paul, I can't thank you enough. you are a God send. I found you yesterday and watched 3 videos I think the first video was Affinity Designer as I am also interested in doing digital templates, then I saw your KDP and got addicted. Last night I did the Canava tutorial and did my first book. I watched the publishing video but have not published my book yet. Can I use book bolt for other languages for example Wordsearch will the answers be created too? I'll definitely use your code for the book bolt. You are so honest and genuine and not trying to sell anything while you sharing your knowledge and teaching us. Thank you, Paul

  16. Hi. Great video. I used your code and am excited to give this a try. I have one question: Do you happen to repeat words for your puzzles? Or, in every puzzle, do you have brand new words? Thank you.

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