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Home » Create Thumbnails in Davinci Resolve Free!

Create Thumbnails in Davinci Resolve Free!

Create Thumbnails in Davinci Resolve Free!

Your Live streams and videos will get more views if you learn to create better thumbnails. I show you how to create easy dynamic thumbnails in Davinci Resolve for free today!

Davinci Resolve:

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28 thoughts on “Create Thumbnails in Davinci Resolve Free!”

  1. Excellent tips Michael, try using the improved magic mask feature, it is fast and pretty darn accurate.
    And for YouTube. If you create a thumbnail timeline with a resolution of 1280×720 the thumbnail will be the correct size to drag and drop into the thumbnail section of YouTube.
    Love your channel Michael

  2. I've found that using Pixlr, a free online browser utility that edits out backgrounds of whatever you upload into it, does a great job, too. I've been using DaVinci Resolve to edit my vids for the last year and a half or so, but never thought to use it to make thumbnails! Thanks for the inspiration, Michael!

  3. I am terrible at Thumbnails, but not so terrible at choosing the software to do it. Just artistically challenged. Also I am VERY good at finding people with great videos. This is why I watch your videos, thank you.

  4. I love your videos, but this was super complicated and harder than it needed to be. I'd love to share how I make mine, they are not great but a 1000 times easier. I won't do that in your comments though cause that's not cool. Thanks though the features are cool for other things for sure. Thanks for everything you do Michael, it helps.

  5. Da Vinci tutorials would be wonderful since I believe many people like myself are jumping ship from the Adobe Creative Suite subscription and only need basic editing tools. Appreciate the "outside of the box" tips showing what can be done.

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