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Digital Marketing (A to Z)-By Rume Akter

Welcome to Rume Akter.
In This video we will discuss about Digital marketing Basics and Some advance topics also.Which will help one to understand clearly about digital marketing .Thats why we named this video Digital Marketing (A to Z). Hope you will enjoy.
00:00 what is Digital Marketing
01:00 Digital Marketing Sectors
01:30 Types of Digital Marketing

this channel is all about learning. There will be several topics to be discussed. Academic & Non Academic. We will give a clear knowledge about
1.Digital Marketing(SEO,Social media marketing,Email marketing,E commerce Development)
3.English Grammar & writing parts(class 6 – 12)
4.Bengali Grammar & writing parts (class 6-12)
5.General Math (class 6 – 10).
So please stay with us. You will definitely be benefited. Thanks in Advance


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