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Digital Marketing Career | Life Of a Content Strategist

A content strategist is a person who works to understand the goals of the business and the needs of the user. From this, he would be able to plan, develop, and deliver clear and appropriate content that connects. A content strategist can also be defined as a professional who plans for creating, delivering, and governing useful and usable content for the organization. As of today, there are more than 40,000+ people with the title of content strategist on LinkedIn. From research, content strategists hold one of the top-paying jobs in the technology and creative fields. Thus, it is fair to say that the strategy field is thriving. Many people used to claim they are marketers, editors and writers are now interested in becoming strategists. But what exactly are content strategists responsible for?

Here Are Some Responsibilities Of a Content Strategist’s:

– Creating specifications and appropriate content that meet the brand’s audience
– Strategizing and improving delivery and promotion of content
– Setting the guidelines for the tone, style and voice of the brand content
– Measuring and analyzing the things that are working, the things that are not with respect to the content marketing efforts of the brand.

Requisite Skills

– For website relaunch: Content matrix, editorial guidelines and content audit
– For CSM Redesign: Taxonomy and Metadata recommendations, site maps, content models, workflow recommendations
– SEO and Analysis focus, Analytics audit, social analytics, and many others.

Content delivery skills, campaign experience, content presentation skills, and solid copywriting skills are also important on a daily basis. Also, a minimum of five years of experience as a digital content manager, web editor or content writer is important plus a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communication, Marketing creative writing, and information management.

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