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Digital Marketing Professional Certificate | Wharton Online

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Gain a competitive advantage and learn essential digital marketing skills and strategies in this 4-course program from the top ranked Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


4 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Professional Certificate | Wharton Online”

  1. I wonder how much these traditional marketing academics can give you everything that someone like a Neil Patel can. He's a practitioner; have these guys ever even put up a website outside the University and done any real testing at all? Doubt it. The only thing they give you ( beyond a bill for thousands of dollars) is a paper credential. Granted, corporate society loves paper credentials, and as a Masters degree holder from a top University myself I get the appeal. But if you want to really learn and build your own startup you can do better by being more entrepreneurial yourself and leaving the college nursery type life sooner. As an investor, would I choose to invest in a company started by two certificate holders or two experienced entrepreneurs? It's a valid question.

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