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Digital Transformation and Predictive Maintenance at the Otis Elevator Co. (CXOTalk #767)

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Otis Elevator is a global leader in the elevator industry, with products that move two billion people every day. With this kind of reach and impact, it’s no surprise that OTIS is committed to digital transformation, and they’re achieving success by combining IoT technology and data analytics with their existing business practices.

Otis has integrated edge computing technology to collect elevator performance data and improve their business processes with predictive maintenance. But they also recognized that digital transformation must be meaningful for their customers and their business.

In this episode of CXOTalk, we interview Otis’ CTO, Ezhil Nanjappan, about digital transformation and data at Otis.

The conversation includes these topics:
● Digital Transformation with Data at Otis Elevator
● On the technology of elevators
● Data collection and analysis from elevators (edge computing devices)
● How does data analysis support business outcomes and digital transformation?
● How does data collection improve the customer experience at Otis?
● On predictive maintenance based on data and condition-based monitoring
● AI-based predictive maintenance improves the relationship between Otis and customers
● Does new data lead to new revenue streams?
● Digital transformation strategy and culture change at Otis
● How does Otis scale its workforce?
● Does the “close door” button on elevators actually work?
● How does Otis prevent elevators from uncontrolled falls?
● On the future of elevator technology

Read the complete transcript:

Ezhil Nanjappan is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Otis. He is responsible for applying innovative technologies to transform existing business models, products, and services to support business growth.

He played a critical role in introducing the Otis ONE IoT service platform, helped develop the suite of custom smartphone mo-bile apps that collect and share performance data, and supported the deployment of more than 30,000 smart phones to get digital technology in the hands of Otis mechanics around the world.

Ezhil joined Otis in 2001, and focused his career on advancing global IT operations, mobile application development and service transformation. He is experienced in all things digital – from sales force automation and cloud transition to agile development and global program management. He has received 22 global patents.


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