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Digital Transformation & The Role of the Board of Directors | Gartner Research Board

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There is no denying the significance of digital and how it is profoundly altering the competitive environment across almost all industries. However, facilitating digital transformation necessitates that boards acknowledge its urgency, where the board’s core mandate remains intact but its scope for intervention on concerns such as risk and competition broadens.

In this video, Chris Howard, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner and Jon Aronoff, MVP Product Delivery at Gartner Research Board, discuss how boards can support C-suite executives in the digital transformation process.


0:00-1:59 ‘Digital’ support all functions
2:00-4:59 Increased involvement and risks by the Board
5:00-6:44 Inclusion of members with tech skill sets in the Board
6:45-8:14 Higher digital parity in executive committees vs the Board
8:15-9:40 Issues while achieving ‘digital transformation’
9:41-11:04 Budget allocation for ‘Digital’
11:05-13:14 Need to restructure the Board for achieving digital transformation
13:15-14:50 Future of ‘Digital’


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2 thoughts on “Digital Transformation & The Role of the Board of Directors | Gartner Research Board”

  1. As a tech company orchestrating the digital transformation processes for our clients across several conservative industries, including Insurance, we100% agree with the speakers. The scale of such initiatives are far beyond just the CIO/CTO's playground, and we observe (and encourage) involvement of multiple other functional heads into our primarily software-focused projects.

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