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dOn'T SeLL YoUr TimE fOr mOnEy!!

How many times have you heard some variation of this phrase “don’t sell your time for money”. This is a finance bro way of saying don’t make money exclusively from a source where you get paid X amount of dollars for Y amount of work which is basically every job. There are various reasons given for why selling your time for money is a bad idea like you only have so many hours a day you can work, so

trading your time for money limits your potential income
trading your time for money also makes you more financially vulnerable if you are unable to work
and its really hard to sell a course on trading your time for money unless you’re a college
although maybe they don’t say that last one out loud.

The alternative to trading your time for money is usually investing, starting a business, living a wildly alternative lifestyle or some combination of all three of these things.

But I am here to tell you that while this very broad phrase might have some merit in specific situations, it’s pretty much complete bullshit and you really shouldn’t take anybody who says it too seriously.

At best the phrase “don’t sell your time for money” is just another example of hustle bros needlessly bashing on regular day jobs that provide stable living to a majority of Americans. It also perpetuates the idea that simply working a full-time job is not good enough, and that a side hustle or whole extra business is mandatory to get ahead these days.

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28 thoughts on “dOn'T SeLL YoUr TimE fOr mOnEy!!”

  1. The only time I think I think I could agree with a blanket statement of "Don't trade your time for money" would be if you spend so much time working, you're missing out on enjoying the people around you and missing special events. Or just not getting a break from work at all and enjoying life.

  2. Rental houses are not that great of passive income. You are trusting some person with a item of yours that is extremely expensive that who will screw you over if they thought that they could get away with it with impunity. Tenets pay their rent because if they don't the next time they want to move they want the new landlord to rent to them and not tell them to go sit and spin because the old landlord sued you for non payment of rent. I moved out of my house to live with my boyfriend and have not made to much of an effort to get my house rented as my actual profit will total to about two days of me working at my job each month. Yes a few extra bucks would be nice but it's not pressing on me to get it rented.

    The reason I'm not selling is if things fall apart between us I can always return to my house, also when I'm retired the house will be paid off and I will have somewhere to live that is extremely cheap as all I have to pay is property taxes and insurance.

  3. Good point on the ways to save money. I work on my own car and have people tell me that it's not worth my time to do it and I should just pay someone. I've done the math a few times and I usually "make" about $60/hr working on my car whereas I make about $40/hr at work (although I'm salary) and know most of the people telling me this don't make that at their jobs.

  4. TRUTH!!! Passive income has to start somewhere … invest time and you'll get money. Everything takes time, you dont get time back. Not everything develops money, so figure out what makes the most money for you with the time you have left!!

  5. Mindset of the wealthy is not obsessing over savings. It's about building income streams .. Though, this is a fantastic video, I feel exceptionally lucky I started investing in my early 30s … It literally secures me consistent passive incomes in the financial markets!

  6. Although I agree, and I applied some principles of the video. There is still one reason why coupons (and spend less) are good: each time that you earn money, you pay taxes, and there is nothing more insane that to see what the government does with the money that they steal to you. So, less spending, less taxes, and …. them.
    Btw, I also live in Spain, and taxes over salary are so wild, that just a small increase in yearly salary can reduce more than half what you earn per hour.

  7. This entire "passive income" cult is really a bastardization of sound principles that have been twisted.

    1) Manage expenses so you live within your means
    2) Invest savings into things/items that appreciate in value over time (stocks, property, etc)
    3) Minimize expenses into items that don't (for most Americans, expensive cars)

    Rinse and repeat

  8. I learned it the hard way, don't sell your time for money. The moment I had a burnout , had enough and quit. My surprise when 3 months later I was "jobless" and technically made in 3 months of consulting and freelancing what I was making in an entire year.

    I was like: wtf, I could just work for 1 month and make the same and do nothing for the rest of the year ?
    being a salary-man, aka, a worker is stupid.

    Wait, that's literally selling time for money, with the difference I can stop when the job is done and don't need to stay there pretending to be busy while doing nothing waiting to clock-out. I can start the next one and actually use the time to make money.

  9. Still, don't trade you time for money, trade services for money, and you do that by making sure that when you are on a time based wage, make sure services don't come with the hour but with the wage.

    And you do that by showing what they could get with higher expenditure.

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