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Earn crypto currency kst ella trust wallet buy crypto millionaire

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Hello welcome to this tutorial. Today we are going to talk about coin swap project. In fact with coin swap there are two ways to earn cryptocurrency. You register and you earn 1000 free kst, you share your affiliate link and you earn kst crypto. With the affiliate program you earn up to four levels. You earn kst when you invite a friend, you earn kst crypto when this friend invite another friend. When this crypto project launched, they sold the crypto kst at the low price to allow members to buy some and keep them in their wallet. This was the ICO Initial Coin Offering phase. This crypto has been solde up to 5 round. Today all rounds are over, but the good news is that you can still buy some on pancake swap. You need to download trust wallet. If you have trust wallet you can buy this crypto. The objective today is to buy it and keep it in your wallet. You can resel it, you have to be patient it can make you the future millionaire. I will make a video later to show you how to withdraw cryptocurrency kst on trust wallet, how to add it to trust wallet and how to buy on pancake swap site. It is also possible to invest in trading on coin swap site. Here you have another similars project, Ella crypto fund. I will let the link in the description so like and subscribe.

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