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EASY Transcription Jobs for Beginners Without Experience in 2022 | Part 1

Literally, anyone who can type can do this and start making money online. Here is a list of transcription companies that hire beginners without experience to work on transcription jobs. These are easy transcription jobs for people who have never transcribed before. The transcription companies on this list have the easiest transcription tests and are the easiest to get into. Most of the transcription companies on this list have a constant flow of transcription jobs. These transcription jobs are for students, young moms, entrepreneurs, stay at home people and all online workers.

⏭Apply here:
πŸ”— Useful links
Flexjobs [legit online/remote jobs]:
Tubebuddy [YouTube views and subs]:
Rev [transcription, captioning & subtitling]:
My Vlogs:
πŸ”— Jumia Deals and Offers:
South Africa:
πŸ”— Recommended on Amazon:
The Fast and Easy Way to Get Started with Transcription:
Modern Watercolor Leaves Notebook:
Brown Modern Notebook:
Animal Print Notebook:
Modern Daily Journal:
Think. Dream. Become Notebook:
πŸ“²Contacts & Socials:
Promotions & business partnerships [ONLY]:
Facebook community:
My videos are for educational purposes ONLY. These are not pyramid/ get-rich-quick schemes. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using these techniques, information and ideas. I have NOT worked for all the companies that I review. I am NOT a financial advisor and nothing I say on this YouTube channel should be seen as financial advice. My content is mostly based on research and personal experience. Always do your research before signing up on these platforms/companies or making any commitments/decisions. I have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but I cannot say for sure that the website(s) mentioned in this video are without error.
Some of the links above are affiliate links. If you click on any of them, I might get a small commission.


36 thoughts on “EASY Transcription Jobs for Beginners Without Experience in 2022 | Part 1”

  1. I am so glad I found you back. Your video popped up on my TV one day and before I knew it, something else played after and I could not find it. Now I can save it. I have good speed but never done transcription. God bless you.

  2. This was not so cool 2 watch, the voice over thingy didn't work 4 me. And i was expecting to see the links of all the sites talked about in your description, but didn't find much. Too bad!

  3. Hi Tess, Thank you so much, i started watching your videos 3 weeks ago, i immediately went and used my savings to buy a laptop and started applying. I dont know if its desperation but how long do they take to get back to us? I applied at all those companies except for quicktate, i failed at Way with words haha but awaiting feedback from Rev, Go transcript and 3play media. I literally check my emails every minute.

  4. Hi Tess!
    Can someone who does not have a very high level of grammar but who hears English well work as a transcriptionist? However, if we can use an app as a support, which one would you recommend? I just discovered your channel. Thank you

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