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Affiliate Marketing

“The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest time and effort to create a product to sell”


Affiliate marketing is a lucrative marketing strategy that has the potential to boost your business growth. it is an online method in which entrepreneurs/business owners take help of the affiliates to increase the sales of their products. The affiliates have a decent audience presnece and a similar target audience. This helps entrepreneurs/business owners to promote their products and tap their existing audience along with the affiliate’s audience.

Affiliate marketing is the marketing strategy in which business products are promoted by people outside your business. The people outside the business include influencers, content creators related to your business niche, social media pages (like Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram) and similar marketers and businesses. These people play the role of a salesperson and in return, you pay them commission.


  •  A gamer who is marketing a newly launched gaming app in his youtube videos
  • A lifestyle influencer who promotes particular beauty products
  • A blogger who promotes products on their websites.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing

1. Safe and low-risk marketing technique:

It is a safe and low-risk marketing technique because no investment is required and you need to pay only after sales generation

2. Focussed product promotion on targeted traffic:

Affiliate Marketing helps in focused production promotion on targeted traffic and this result in high sales conversion rate.

3. High return on investment:

Affiliate marketing gives a high return on investment because information about products and services is spread by the target audience and affiliates.

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