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Expert Secrets Book Russell Brunson

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The Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson is a remarkable book, certainly worthy of social acclaim
I put together some quick study notes about it both for my own deeper understanding of all the value in it, but true to the message of the book, as a way to provide the highest value to you.

This is not intended as a substitute for the book. If you get a lot out of these videos, I highly recommend you pick up a copy yourself.

You can go to for the very best way to get it,

and think of me as a teachers assistant or a study guide writer. Expert Secrets is the textbook. The source. And it’s worth every penny to your career, your business, and your success.


My main takeaway from the Intro is one of Contribution, and providing value.
It suggests that you will likely plateau in your mastery until you begin a path of value and contribution.

It also suggests that there are 2 types of expert businesses:

Business # 1: Creating information products
Business # 2: Leveraging information products

what’s the difference?

Typically, Business # 1 (selling information products) is the more common, and involves you taking things you have learned in life, i.e. your hard-earned knowledge… and offering that information as products, or coaching, or consulting.

Whereas Business # 2, leveraging information products is more typical for people using existing information products to advance the companies they already have.

Russell adds that the tactics behind both are the same, but the strategies you use for each are a little different.

I also get the sense that he is mentioning the second business type to clarify for a lot of people what those of us who use tools like Click funnels have experienced as well… that these tools and strategies are useful for almost ANY business… not just information product businesses… and especially… just about any entrepreneur or small business owner can benefit from Expert Secrets.

Section 1
Creating your mass movement of people who will pay you for your advice.

In this section, Russell describes how he studied major, influential historical figures and leaders
and found the common traits among them.

He distills this process into 3 parts:

▪ The charismatic leader
▪ The cause
▪ The new opportunity

All 3 parts are essential.

Supports this concept further with Kevin Kelly’s “1000 true fans” article. which suggests that you really only need about 1000 “true” fans to make a good living.

This section is about how to build your fans, ideally into true fans.

And it Covers ways to be the expert even if you dont feel like an expert.

It is a wonderful empathetic chapter for anyone who doesn’t yet feel comfortable thinking of them selves as experts and offers ways to overcome that.

I wont spoil it all for you but one of the funnier ways was where he relates a scene where someone with no “credentials” to teach, teaches an entire semester of a college course. When asked how he did it without being an expert… he replied that he didn’t have to know everything. He just had to stay one chapter ahead of the students in the textbook

Arguably not the best way to do things but the point is that while yes there are probably many people who know more than us about a particular subject, we should not discount that we also know a lot more than others. And that by sharing what we know and have learned, we help those people immensely. To them, we are experts at that moment in time.

He discusses some other similar concepts in this section and i highly recommend you get a copy yourself and study this section.

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