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Exploring New Challenges For Sports Marketing: A Sporting Industry Analysis

The sporting industry has changed dramatically over the past few decades. With how quickly the world is evolving, it’s important for marketers to adapt and take on new challenges. This video will teach you about some of the major changes that have occurred in this industry, as well as what challenges are coming up for sports marketers today.

As fun as the sporting industry sounds, it faces similar highs and lows that most markets do.

Regardless of how stable or successful a business is, there are always new challenges waiting to be faced!

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[0:00] – Intro
[0:29] – Skip Intro
[1:35] – New Challenges
[2:29] – Changing Sports Fans
[4:55] – Changing Trends
[6:57] – Content Shifts
[9:14] – Outro


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