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Facebook Ads Audience Targeting in 2022 (Tutorial for Beginners)

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Facebook Ads Targeting is always changing. This 2022 update gives you all of the latest info for making sure your ads are seen by Facebook users who want to engage with your product or service. From demographics and interests to custom and lookalike audiences, we teach you the latest techniques for Facebook Ads Targeting.

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Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Facebook Targeting by Demographics
2:00 – Facebook Targeting by Interests
2:30 – The Best Audience Size
3:20 – Facebook Targeting by Custom Audience
5:30 – Targeting by Lookalike Audience
5:53 – Targeting by App Activity
6:10 – Facebook vs. Apple
6:46 – Facebook Conversion API

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28 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Audience Targeting in 2022 (Tutorial for Beginners)”

  1. Advertisers and advertisers can use Instagram, Facebook or Fb Pages or any other social media platform to promote their products and services. On a particular social media platform, they have more control and are more efficient because they can create videos, take photos and search for materials that a user will find useful.
    This article started with an overview of the state of the art in advertising technology in the future artificial intelligence – which had not been particularly well known around prior to Amazon’s announcement. This is followed by a deeper analysis on "strategy by AI". The conclusion draws from the mix AI technologies currently available today in tandem with recent trends shaping digital advertisement picture etc. Thanks for sharing this video , HubSpot Marketing

  2. Thanks Hobspot, I have a question sir, I have a total of 30,000 Facebook page engagers on my custom audience list! Please is the figure okay, for me to create retargeting campaign?

  3. hello good vedio but i have gotta question, lets suppose there are 3 coffee shops in an area and i come up with new coffee shop and looking for target audience thing on f.b, is there any such option to recommend or select similar audiences that other 3 coffee shops have? like can i paste link of their pages somewhere and f.b can target those audiences ? plz do reply

  4. even though i watch this video fully full, I still have my doubts on what I can do, Is there a cost to run facebook ads? Some ad sharing websites dont require anything and some cost, if it cost I can just do google ads because its the most powerful I would believe

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