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Home » Facebook Ads DO NOT WORK In 2022 (Do This Instead)

Facebook Ads DO NOT WORK In 2022 (Do This Instead)

Facebook ads do not work anymore, instead you need to be pivoting your online business to a new marketing strategy before it’s too late!

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0:00 – Setting The Scene
1:07 – Current State Of FB
1:41 – The Answer To Your Problem
2:24 – Inside My Dashboard
3:51 – The Strategy
5:23 – Insane Targeting Tip
6:09 – Your Next Steps
6:43 – Outro

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6 thoughts on “Facebook Ads DO NOT WORK In 2022 (Do This Instead)”

  1. Hey Jon I have a question I have a offer for my audience it's a weight loss offer price range would be ($197-$497) can I sell directly to my sales funnel without email marketing? Reply please

  2. jon i'm sick of fb ads A.F ! i mean i pay 10 € for every lead and they are really crapy lead i mean is really crazy .
    only 10 % of my " qualified " lead apply for my call and even then they don't give a shit !
    Fb right now is good as providing very low low quality lead

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