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Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2022 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

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Your Facebook advertising strategy isn’t working as well as you want right now because things have changed, and what used to work even a few months ago is dramatically different than the strategies and tactics we’re seeing succeed with Facebook Ads right now.

So I’ll break down and show you exactly what’s working and what’s not and how to set up a profitable ad campaign (complete with a little secret that I use to take campaigns from a 3% response rate to over a 68% response rate).

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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45 thoughts on “Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2022 IMPORTANT UPDATE)”

  1. Hi thanks for the info just I have question fb policy tell us that we can talk or send a direct message to the customers in our creative so how can I use this strategy with fb suspended my account ?

  2. Hello Adam . I would like to know your opinion on my optimization tactics right now. Usually when i deciding to increase or decrease budget or to turn off underperforming ads . we use a timeframe of 30 days to make that judgment as accurate and efficiency as possible because we believe that some ads is good but just at that time (timeframe under 30days) , our customers may not be ready to buy (Some customer buy stuff first day of month or some customer buy stuff and the end of the month). So I believe that if i make any decisions in a timeframe of less than 30 days , that judgment will not accurate as it should be . I want to know your opinion

  3. Hi I’m 18 and take notes on all your content and hope to launch an smma agency one day I’m playing to buy your course and improve my knowledge on marketing to deliver the best results to clients when the time comes much thanks ❤

  4. Great video way to break it down! Started running FB ads 6 years ago took about 2 years to figure it but i've been doing well since. Pulling in 5 figures a month in my own service business. Take Adam's advice this stuff works with the right systems and strategies!!

  5. This update is saddening especially for realtors. They are the most affected one. Since the special ad category is no longer an option now, they cannot fine tune more targeted audience. But there's a way to turn this one around. They can still take advantage of uploading contact list containing email addresses and names of people living in a specific area they want to target.

  6. Very insightful! Thank you, Adam. I would like to ask questions, you said that better using ad set budget, is that applicable when we testing campaign or when we already get the winning formula for the campaign? Thank you 🙌🏽

  7. Hey Adam, thanks for the video.
    What would be your go to campaign objective for a real estate company to generate quality leads?

    I thought it would be through lead forms on Meta and traffic to the website.

  8. Hi, the tips in video are very useful. Just a quick one. I got this problem "The page is prohibited from placing advertisements

    You cannot create ads and promote the page, as access to the page's advertising features is restricted." FB says that I violated their rules in using "social advertising, because posts where about social issues and politics" therefore they want my ID etc. (i'm not gonna give them any. bog off!). The thing is that I was participating and posting in groups as a business page (as well as my personal too) however, never post anything on "social issues and politics". On my personal account Yes, but not on the business page or in groups. Now they do not allow me to boost ads and promote the whole page. Anyway, I think it is DONE. I have to delete the Page and start a New. But what lesson should I take? Thank you.

  9. Your video is very nice.They also make very good videos. There is also shown very simple and effective method of finding target clients. ((Top Tier Coaching Services))……..

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