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Facebook digital marketing course free?

Is Facebook digital marketing course free?
What is the best way to learn Facebook marketing?
Is Facebook marketing difficult?
What are the best marketing courses?
Do I have to pay for Facebook certification?
Is Facebook social media certification worth it?
How much Facebook ads cost monthly?
How can I make money via Facebook?
Is Facebook marketing good for the business?
Why Facebook is not good for business?
Is Facebook for business free?
Is Facebook good for small business?
What is the best digital marketing course 2021?
Which certificate is best for digital marketing?
How long does it take to get Facebook certified?
How do I become a Facebook marketing expert?
Build your Facebook ads skills and get certified.
Learn how to use Facebook business manager.
Understand how Facebook sales funnels work.
Learn how to configure Facebook events and custom conversions.
Understand what are custom and lookalike audiences.

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