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FASTEST Way to Learn Coding and ACTUALLY Get a Job

Today, I’ll share how to learn programming fast and get your first full-time Software Engineer job – step by step. As a self taught programmer, if you want to learn coding to get a job at FAANG, this video is for you. This video covers following:
1. How to learn to code fast?
2. How to get a Software Engineer job?
3. How to prepare for Coding interviews?

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Here are all the resources I mentioned in the video:
1. Learn Python:
2. Build Python Projects:
3. Download VS code here:
4. Data Structures and Algorithms:–ud513
5. Leetcode:
6. I am not paid by any of the above. Subscribe to our channel if you want to support us.

NOTE: We are not paid by any of the above. Subscribe to our channel if you want to support us.

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28 thoughts on “FASTEST Way to Learn Coding and ACTUALLY Get a Job”

  1. Hi Power Community! It has been brought to my notice that the Data Structures and Algorithms course I recommended is not available for free in many countries. FYI, I can access it for free in the US. I am trying to find another free resource for this but I have not been successful so far. Please drop a reply to my comment if you know any good Data Structures and Algorithms course in Python. Thanks in advance for helping the community.

  2. I am a future student for learning codings and software development in Canada Fall 2023, my major degree is business administration. SInce I have no idea about coding and programming, I am a bit worried whether I can handle this subject. Anyway, thank you for your information and I have already started to learn the basic concepts via online courses.

  3. That's more than awesome! 👌Many software engineers advice not to start with python and go with other languages like c or c++ to learn coding basics "the right way". Now I am confident enough to start with python. However, What are we going to specialize in with Python? Do we need to learn another language to actually get a job?? Can you get hired by employers if you only know Python as a coding language?

  4. I know array loops i can solve search sort etc but still I am not able to solve easy questions in leet code and geek for geeks ..why. I lost my condfidance .I felt I wasted more than 4 month for do developer course..still should I stuck on this or should I search for another job..I need your advaice

  5. Thank You so MUCH! i was learning Java then switched to Python… made progress in the early stages but i FELT LIKE ive been taking too much information moving too fast without mastering the basics, logic is there but you have to atleast be comfortable with the basics

  6. This is first time I watched the full video without skip today morning only I think to get knowledge we must and should pay for institution to learn about programming,,but you proved me wrong thank you sir your the real inspiration for many😍

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