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FASTEST Way to Learn Web Development and ACTUALLY Get a Job

Learning HTML, CSS and Javascript is not enough to become a Web Developer. In this video we will cover:
1. How to learn front end web development
2. How to learn back end web development
3. How to become a full stack web developer
4. How to learn React, Tailwind, Express, MERN, MongoDb
5. How to become a Software Engineer

► FREE resources:
↳ Front end development
1. HTML:
2. CSS:
3. Javascript:
4. Tailwind Documentation:
6. Tailwind tutorial:
7. Intro to React:
8. React Basics:
9. React Tailwind Project by Traversy Media:
10. Linkedin clone with React:

↳ Back end development
1. NodeJS with Express and MongoDb by Traversy media:
2. Express documentation:

↳ Full stack development
1. WhatsApp clone:

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48 thoughts on “FASTEST Way to Learn Web Development and ACTUALLY Get a Job”

  1. This was amazing and so upto the point, I have a question I'm a fresh Dentist doing my internship can I learn these things and make it a 2nd profession for me along with my clinical practice? How much time will it take to learn everything from scratch? And do you even get hired if you're not from a tech background?

  2. Hello Experts , I am new to coding . Its been a week I have been learning Html from :"w3Schools " , spending more than 4 hours a day. After completing Html next is css and than javascript, But my question is knowing only html and css land you a job ?. Experts please suggest me with your comments!

  3. The only language I could learn with difficulty is: basic English

    Programming scares the everything out of me.

    My standing ovation to all you wonderful programmers/ developers out there who create amazing applications for users

  4. This is amazing or awesome youtube channel for computer science and technology or coding language or programming language 🙏🙏 I also want to started teeching about this topic. Nobody don't miss any video power couple channel

  5. I agree!

    Same way you can't expect to be great swimmer when you don't get in the water. You can't become a great boxer without knowing what it feels like to get punched.

    I came across tons and tons of Web dev errors in my websites but I kept overcoming them by playing around and googling non stop.

  6. My personal suggestion, if you learn by the documentation you will waste your time. And I also don't recommend youtube courses as it makes a developer even more confused. Now how to gain that knowledge with little amount. The answer is Udemy.
    1. HTML, CSS – brad treversy – 480 Rs
    2. JavaScript: john smilga – 480 Rs
    3. React.js – John Smilga – 480 Rs

    And stop using frameworks like bootstrap, in fact, create your own framework if you can. And remember documentation is a great place if you are stuck at some point but avoid going through each topic and learn all cuz you don't need the whole concept to be a web developer.

  7. i had one question how much time (max time) should we take to complete basics of html , css, JavaScript from w3 schools that sahil has told in this video please sahil reply to this comment and anyone who is watching

  8. Iam new to coding. Which language should I pick . Many people says python is easy to understand, so that I can grab it quickly. But iam more into web development. Which language should I choose ?. How hard is JavaScript compared to python? Please reply for this.

  9. i really admire you guys! your are really excelling in this field. Its almost all Indians are genuis in the IT & Engineering field. I hope I can wipe away my fear and restart my career… you are doing great and thanks for unselfishly sharing. Pls do more tutorials in the future. ❤️

  10. Thank You, I was learning coding from a course, and even though i could understand what they taught, I could not write even the simplest code on my own. I really hope doing everything suggested in the video will help.

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