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FINALLY the BEST Value Aluminum Profile Cockpit? | 6Sigma Sim Racing 6S-160

Throughout the last several months, I’ve been primarily using the 6Sigma Sim Racing 6S-160 cockpit. It’s the company’s flagship model promising top of the line performance, at an affordable price. But, is it any good? Let’s find out.

Check out the 6S-160 Cockpit here:

My Review on the 6S-80:

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➤ Main Sim Rig:

🔴 Cockpit:
🔴 Seat:
🔴 Wheel Base:
🔴 Racing Wheel:
🔴 Pedals:
🔴 Shifter:
🔴 Sequential Shifter & Handbrake:
🔴 Speakers:
🔴 Gaming Headset:
🔴 Triple Monitor Stand:
🔴 VR Headset:
🔴 Thing that makes my seat vibrate:
🔴 Wind Simulator:

➤ Secondary Sim Rig:

🟡 Cockpit:
🟡 Seat:
🟡 Monitor Stand:
🟡 Monitor: ​​
🟡 Wheel:
🟡 Pedals:
🟡 Console:
🟡 Button Box:

➤ My Gaming PC Specs:

🟢 Case:
🟢 Graphics Card:
🟢 Processor:
🟢 Ram (Memory):
🟢 Motherboard:
🟢 Samsung SSD:
🟢 Hard Drive:
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Positives 5:45
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49 thoughts on “FINALLY the BEST Value Aluminum Profile Cockpit? | 6Sigma Sim Racing 6S-160”

  1. Great choice for a rig, and support the USA. Would have definitely gone for this over an Rseat one at same price. My seat doesn’t flex but I use a real sparco wrc. My shifter mount flexes though. Pretty sure it came from Rseat missing threads and taps for one intended mounting point. Hope to see some more Iracing content soon 🤙

  2. value and $999 in the same sentence doesn't work
    the yaw2 next year is $1700. if you're going to spent $999, you might as well spent an extra $700 and get a full motion sim.. not only that.. yaw2 actually looks like it's going to revolutionize sim motion.

  3. Besides Will from Boosted Media, Big Mike from SimRacing604 and Race Beyond Matter you'd became my favourite new simracing content creators of the past year. I like your style, you're funny, brash and spoiled. I bet you're the youngest at home. You know what I'd liked most of you? The '100k in 2022?', and when you said something like: 'this is my channel and if you don't agree on my opinion, start your own!' Good for you! You didn't reached the 100k, but 50+k is also very nice! And I love you don't excuse your self on every topic that may be controversial. Sorry for my poor english, greetings from Europe!

  4. I purchased my bucket seat from Corbeau and it also was not padded at all… I am thinking that must be industry standard. Mine was in a large plastic bag inside the box though.

  5. Nice review. Off topic, but how would you say the SimForge pedals compare to the VNM pedals? I'm in the market for some new pedals. Yes, I did see your review, that's why I'm asking. 🙂

  6. it annoys me how many people talk of this one when it's not available in most of the world, honestly the only sim related product worth buying that can't be gotten in every country

  7. It’s definitely a nice rig, but let’s be honest, all alu profile rigs are pretty much the same (with the same size profiles) besides the pedal plate and wheel mounting option and the quality of those pieces.
    Also you don’t really answer the question in the title, is it “THE BEST” value for money rig? In 6sigma’s line up, probably… but just because they offer a more expensive version and a cheaper version, doesn’t mean the ‘in between’ version is automatically the best ‘value for money’ option though… When compared to all alu profile rigs out there, is it “THE BEST” value for money? Probably not. There are rigs out there that use the same size profiles and are way cheaper with similar or better quality pedal plates and wheel mounting options. Obviously availability and shipping are a factor, but those can change dramatically depending on a lot of external factors the companies often have no influence on.
    Anyway, the production value of your video is once again off the charts! Maybe 6Sigma should hire you to make product videos for them 😀

  8. Got myself a 6s-120 three weeks ago and i will said that i do agree with your negative points, lucky my bucket seat was not sratched in transport but the back padding is not enough for long sessions
    Another thing about the seat is that on the right side there nothing to lock the seat in place so there some movement
    Packaging was excellent but instruction are just a plan and you have to figuere everything by yourself

    Customer service have to said that is horrible
    My rig was missing the mousse pad and the performance plate add-on as they where both suppose to be included with my 6s-120 (i ask them before buying and have screenshot)
    Just received the shifter mount and even if there website have this writen : The 6S-120 includes a performance pedal integration kit that accommodates ALL high-end pedal installation
    They told me that it was juste the 6s-160 … and finnaly after 6 emails agree to send me the performance plate and the mousse pad …

    You know what they don't answer anymore and still didn't shipped them !

    Quality is good but have to said that customer service is bad don't expect to paid for what you see on there web site picture and reality are not the same.
    Hope that help to make your choice

  9. Please look into getting a pop filter and noise gate for your mic, especially when saying lots of S’s or P’s. Also look into RTX voice or Nvidia broadcast to remove background noise and stuff. Had to turn the volume way down because the audio is too “raw”, this is sim racing not ASMR my guy.

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