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Foolproof Remote Jobs Anyone Can Get TODAY

Best remote work jobs. Make money online.
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0:00 Job 1
1:50 What is work?
4:06 Job 2
5:46 Ad
6:18 Job 3
7:10 Recession Proof Jobs
7:54 Job 4
7:59 Listen to Bezos’ Power
8:20 Rapid fire
8:30 My personal favorite remote job
9:24 Important Thoughts on Work

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39 thoughts on “Foolproof Remote Jobs Anyone Can Get TODAY”

  1. @Max Maher: I just had a friend go expat and lives in Le Pez MX, living at 1/3 the cost of America. What is the cost of living in Puerto Rico compared to the USA?

  2. great piece indeed duude..however just thinkin..if all systems ends or jammed up 1 day…reminds me of e.g many movies…eg i am legend etc..what will happen than?..i mean any tips to calculate that risk…hmmm…

    maybe back to agri?

  3. 👍👍👍
    Triple like!
    Im a 55 graphic artist with 30 years experience in the apparel-manufacturing industry.

    For the past 2 years I have been working on re-inventing myself training on digital art, Sandbox design & coaching sports. All of which align with these remote jobs. Looking forward to see how I do!

  4. No matter what it is, working for yourself will always be better than having your entire identity become name dropping some high demand industry while making someone else a bunch of money 😭

  5. My first comment…find your videos informative, thanks. It was the "so you can play Stardew Valley for 12 hours" comment that gave my morning a big smile! Instant Like, lol!

  6. Great vid :> Unfortunately, these rates are first world rates. It's rather hard to find remote work for folks outside the States that pays a respectiable hourly rate. This despite the fact that the work is remote and it shouldn't really matter where you live, right?

  7. Truth is, most (if not all) office jobs can be done remotely. The companies would save a lot of money on rent, building maintenance and electricity. Yet they STILL don't like remote jobs for some reason. The higher ups have something against it.

  8. So i kinda want both, and I own a Meta Quest 2. Only as a way to access VR Chat, but if apple can give me a way to do that whiteout at gaming pc I’m giving my Meta Quest to a secondhand store. All my other tech is Appel, and that’s not going to change. Also Mark Zuckerberg is kind a creepy, so wouldn’t support him more than absolutely necessary

  9. Counter-point/observation with a downside to freelancing no one talks about: if you take that vacation and your client needs you immediately – because that's what they pay you for – and your butt-ass-naked self is unreachable in Brazil swimming with sharks, they will go elsewhere. (Good-bye client!) The overarching dread of "you can be replaced" gets 10x worse when you aren't under the company's umbrella. (Not that [Soulless Company Inc. LLC LTD] really gives a crap about you anyway.) That said: you need to be the G.O.A.T. so that they will go out of their way for your services. There's a lot of self-reflection and comparison before you take that step. It's not simply do-your-job-and-go-home / 9-to-5 mentality. You need to be driven, you need to be *good*, you need to get real and have some business-oriented know-how that most people are ignorant to.

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