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From Bihar to Bangalore 6/8 – Holi in India

Episode 6: The painful truth
It is amazing that a country like India, so various and with so many differences manages to function. There are hundreds of peoples who speak 1600 different languages in ten different scriptures. Sometimes it doesn’t work so well. Jelle is investigating in the city of Godhra, where huge riots break out between Muslims and Hindus. He also celebrates Holi, the day that all Hindus throw colorful paint powder on each other, and Jelle has no way to escape.

Original title: De pijnlijke waarheid
Jelle Brandt Corstius travels through India. Jelle previously tried to understand Russia, and now, he is now trying to capture the essence of India. This country is poorer than the poorest 26 African countries altogether: 426 million poor people are in India. The contrast between the different layers of society is striking: there is is also huge wealth in this country. Brandt Corstius travels from Bihar, located in the poor east, to Bangalore, the technological giant in the rich southwest. A road trip full of adventures, thanks to Jelle’s peculiar humor and his keen eye on the world.

Presented by: Jelle Brandt Corstius
© VPRO July 2015

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8 thoughts on “From Bihar to Bangalore 6/8 – Holi in India”

  1. Excellent work Jelle! Funny how this documentary still holds true in 2019. Modi is indeed the prime minister in his second term now…and what you saw in Gujarat is now true nationwide and that's the scariest part! Bhatt is a good officer and many like him have been suspended or jailed or killed. Bhatt is in come again and make new series

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