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Fujifilm INSTAX Square Printer – Setup and Review

Fujifilm INSTAX Square Link printer review. Using the film, printing, editing, printing multiple copies, AR print, INSTAX Connect, importing artwork and sketches, and more. Get the printer here:

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📔 Table of Contents
00:00 | Intro
00:17 | Welcome
00:42 | New INSTAX Square Link
00:57 | Disclaimer
01:45 | Unboxing and Specs
02:51 | Sponsor Message
04:35 | Using the Instax SQUARE Link App
05:17 | About the Film and Printing
05:58 | Using Simple Print
06:16 | Editable Print
06:27 | How To Print Multiple Copies
06:50 | How To Use AR Print
07:49 | How To Use INSTAX Connect
08:25 | Importing Artwork and Sketches
08:47 | Recommendations and Conclusion
10:12 | Goodbye
10:27 | Blooper

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Fujifilm instax printer


28 thoughts on “Fujifilm INSTAX Square Printer – Setup and Review”

  1. I was just about to order one until I saw that it won't print from my X-T2. What a missed opportunity! Imagine, you're on location, you take a picture, give it to someone nearby and on it is a QR code linking to your website. That's something that would definitely grow traffic!

  2. Very cool, I definitively want an Instax but I am on the fence about this one or the 2… I prefer the longer format but the square is bigger (and with usb), but the prints are also more expensive. Tough choice

  3. I love these instax printers, though I'm not sure i'll ever have a good use for one. I always find it funny that Fujifilm's camera development department is tasked to create the most powerful APSC cameras on the market, high performance medium format cameras, and gimmicky film printers.

  4. Just fyi… the older InstaSHARE fuji printers (the SP series)… Not the current InstaLINK printers.. actually do connect and allow you to print directly from your recent fuji cameras…and it works well. WHY fuji discontinued this feature in the newer InstaLINK printers I do not know and I would love to find out… The instaSHARE printers also print from your phone as well.

  5. Sadly I haven't found a Fuji (or any) instant printer yet that would suit me. I shoot and edit various formats for street work and don't want to be constrained to one layout, while none of the printers seem flexible enough to let you leave black space around the image in a usable way. The cost of cartridges is crazy too when you can send off to Fuji for better prints for about a fifth of the sheet cost – and I want to print from my laptop or camera, not worth having to transfer to my phone. Filmora is great though, use it a lot and it does most (not all) if what I need easier and faster than other programmes.

  6. Fuji needs to do an update to allow ALL their cameras with bluetooth to print directly to the various Instax Link printers. Printing pics from phone is nice, BUT also printing direct from camera would be SO useful.

  7. I was literally researching these type of printers today! What a missed trick that it doesn’t worm with the cameras. I saw Instax printer connection setting in the camera menu and had assumed (pre research) that it would be compatible

  8. How about this for a work-around: attach SD card reader,usb-C (e.g.) adapter to your smartphone? Then import the target files from the SD card to your photo gallery/app — should work for JPEGs. Some smartphones can recognize Fuji raw files and do “save as” to DNG.

  9. Personally I wouldn't recommand the printer, I tried it yesterday in a Fuji event in Milan.
    The film quality looks the same as the one from the Instax Mini I have, but the print quality is better if the picture comes directly from the camera.
    I noticed some weird alteration in shadows and colors in the test prints that I made from my phone with the app.

  10. I have a Share SP2 and with that unit I can print directly from my X-T3 (jpegs)
    How odd that you can't do this with the latest printer! Perhaps the functionality will be added if enough noise is made 😁

  11. Really on the fence with this printer. I’d pull the trigger IF I could print directly from my Fujifilm camera. I want to be able to give street photography prints on the spot. Transferring to my phone and then printing would take the subject out of the moment.
    @Fujifilm, fix this please!

  12. I have the wide, it’s awesome. Our family loves receiving hard copy pictures when they visit or in the mail, especially grandparents. The square is what I was really looking for though. Might have to get it too 😀

  13. What? The SP-1, SP-2 and SP-3 were all able to print directly from your camera. That was one of the things that made them so cool. I don’t understand why Fuji would kneecap their printer in this way. It’s like something Canon would do. Also… this may be the ugliest design of any product I’ve ever seen.

  14. Since it is a printer and not an Instant camera that incorporated image capturing features, I prefer my Instax wide instead. One reviewer mentioned that the wider prints are more suitable for viewing by older folks drove the final nail in my decision to pick the Instax Wide.

  15. I'm just sad that the new printers don't work with the new fuji camera's. doesn't feel like an upgrade since it just adds more steps (camera->phone->printer) and slows things down at events. Plus it was nice to show integration between different products of the same company. Idk why Fujifilm did this.

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