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Fun Obedience – Training Two Dogs at the Same Time Using the Honour System

Training two dogs at the same time using the honour system is a great way to teach your dog self-control and to become comfortable around the other dog. It provides safety as well. For example, while one dog is going through obedience training drills, burning off physical and mental energy using toys and food, the other dog is lying down in a specific place. The distraction of working one dog while the other is in place produces a high level of self-control. Watch as I train my malinois mix and black lab at the same time using toys, food, and an XDOG® vest.

If your dogs have off-leash obedience training and you’re wondering, “how can you train two dogs at the same time” this video is for you! Here’s one way I do it using the honour system.

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13 thoughts on “Fun Obedience – Training Two Dogs at the Same Time Using the Honour System”

  1. I always love your videos and training! You can tell how much love you give every dog that you work with and how much you are loved by the dog's that you work with. You are such a huge inspiration to me. I tell everyone about how amazing your training is! Because of you, I am looking into becoming a dog trainer and taking your course in Canada… 🙂

  2. This is great…! However Would you help by explaining the process on getting one dog to honor the other dogs training aka… how would you do this when first starting out!? Thanks!

  3. Hi, Duke. I haven't checked in for a while but this made me smile. My dogs look EXACTLY like these 2. And I too have a band on my right arm due to "Chuck it elbow." How does the vest burn off more energy? I do 20 minutes of play three times a day and they know exactly what "PLAY" means. Like you say, a tired dog is a good dog.

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