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Galaxy Z Flip 4 Tips and Tricks: First Things To Do!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It retains a similar if not same design language but still manages to bring several new features. In this video, I’ll be going over several Galaxy Z Flip 4 tips and tricks and first things to do as soon as you get your new Flip. In case you’re unaware, the Samsung Flip 4 is packing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 8gb of RAM, up to 512gb of storage, and a larger 3,700mAh battery which should bring much better battery life. The display is the same 6.7″ FHD+ 120hz panel but Samsung did manage to slightly improve it. They also made the hinge even stronger and more resilient to everyday wear. The cover screen still offers a nice sized display for notifications, widgets, and a few other things that you’ll learn in this video. The Galaxy Flip 4 has really impressed me so far and I can’t wait to share more content soon. Make sure to stay tuned for my full Galaxy Z Flip 4 review and other videos such as Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Z Flip 3. Let me know in the comments if there is anything else you would like to see.

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►► TIMECODE ◀︎◀︎
00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Recommended Accessories
00:34 – Case
01:03 – Screen Protector and Cover Screen Protector
01:34 – Galaxy Watch 5 Introduction
02:03 – Customizing The Galaxy Z Flip 4
02:49 – Good Lock and Theme Park To Import Icon Packs
04:03 – My Favorite Wallpaper Apps
05:06 – How To Apply Live Wallpaper To Cover Screen
05:53 – Customizing Cover Screen With Clock Styles and Widgets
07:31 – Launch Any App From Cover Screen Using Good Lock and Cover Launcher
09:24 – Cover Screen + Rear Camera Hack For Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat
10:22 – Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera Tips and Tricks
10:35 – Use Cover Screen As View Finder When Using Rear Cameras
12:01 – Tripod Mode + Hand Gesture To Take Photo or Start Recording
12:28 – New Main Camera Is Very Good
12:51 – Flex Mode In Camera App To Get Low Angle Timelapses, Photos, or Videos
13:53 – Tripod Mode + Auto Framing Is Perfect For Social Media Videos and Vloggers
14:45 – Advance Features and Labs
17:33 – Control Z Flip 4 With Gestures and Motions
18:59 – Decrease Sensivitiy To Prevent Accidental Swipes When Using Gesture Based Navigation
19:43 – Wrap Up

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Galaxy Z Fold 4 First Things To Do: Tips and Tricks To Get Started

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45 thoughts on “Galaxy Z Flip 4 Tips and Tricks: First Things To Do!”

  1. thank you great helpful video the cover launcher is brill got my cctv camera on front screen also whattapp and you can reply using the mic without having to open the phone also handy with stocard to use the shopping barcodes love it on myz flip 3

  2. It is so sad that a company has to almost give away their product. Why? Get past the BS and you will find that Samsung perfected the Z Flip 3 just a short time before. At $999.99 wasn't cheap. The new Z Flip 4 is just about a twin. They try to get the consumer excited but it's not happening. I was told that Samsung was so desperate to sell the 4, they were giving $900 for a Z 3 trade in.
    I can't really see much of a difference and I have had many different phones since 1983! One more thing. Don't worry if your screen protector starts coming off. Just take it off.

  3. The live wallpaper on the cover screen only works when i tap on it. What did I do wrong? I would really like to have a video on the outside of my Phone run all the time. I only get the video wallpaper after taps and it is very short video.

  4. Does anyone has issue with notification delay on the flip 4? Lot of times the notification has a huge delay (20-30 minutes) like when my security camera detects person there, it should send notification to my phone right away (at least it's the case when I used my iphone). However, for my flip 4, most of time I didn't get the notification (random delay couple minutes and could up to 30 minutes). Anyone knows how to fix that?

  5. What the heck are you doing to your phones that you need a screen protector on a phone that closes and already comes with a protector, and a cover for a phone that has a tough shell. For crying out loud, I was happy to get one because I knew i wouldn't need to buy a bunch of extra crap.

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