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Get $30,000 A Month For FREE Posting BASIC VIDEOS! (WITHOUT Showing Your Face Or Talking!)

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Got any questions about “legal stuff” like copyrights, trademarks & refunds? Chances are, by watching these videos, you’ll have most of your questions answered!

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0:00 – Basic Video Ideas You Can Copy
7:03 – How To Make $30,000+ A Month
10:54 – Why Instagram & Facebook Are DESPERATE For Videos
13:09 – How To Scale To $50,000+ A Month
14:19 – How To Make A Basic Video Step-By-Step

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Hey there I am Sarah (aka Ted). On this channel, I discuss topics for online entrepreneurs building businesses. And here is the truth when it comes to building a business: it isn’t a way to get rich fast. Nope. A business is simply when you learn to do these 3 things really well:

1) Creating or finding great products/services to sell.
2) Putting those products in front of the right customers.
3) Giving those customers a great reason to buy.

And each person will have their own journey to get there with a LOT of hard work & sacrifices along the way 💪👊 here on this channel, I make videos to help entrepreneurs along this journey. Some of the topics I discuss are:

* Case studies of successful online businesses.
* Tips, tricks & strategies on choosing the right online business for you.
* How to make & sell products with ecommerce using beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (such as Print On Demand).
* Tips & strategies to scale to more advanced product sourcing strategies (like wholesale fulfillment centers).
* Help with some of the “legal stuff” (like trademarks & copyrights when doing business online).
* And a sprinkle of entrepreneurial motivation thrown in too!

I hope my actionable content can help you: whether you’re running your own online business/online store, or are in the process of building one, and want some tactical advice to help you along the way. If that is you, subscribe today! 🔥

RECOMMENDED WATCHING – Having Realistic Expectations In Business:


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  1. 🌞 The Stip-By-Stip guide to getting my eternal gratitude for FREE! 🙏🙏🙏
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  2. Thanks for the another great video ! Concerning the Reels fund program. I have found articles saying it’s open for US, Mexico and Canada. It says it would be open to other countries by mid March . However it is not possible to find any reference if the fund program would have been opened to other countries and which ones. Would you know if such info would be available somewhere ?

  3. Thank you Sarah. Loved this video 💜 I have watched many videos where they tell you to just copy and paste someone else videos and it just doesn’t feel right to do! So thank you for the idea on what we can post, I’m going to get on it now. Love watching your videos when i need some inspiration and motivation. I love you! Your the best! YAY! 😁💕

  4. I have been watching you for years
    You give such great information. Your such an adorable, and seem like such a kind hearted person. This video is perfect.

  5. Honestly you just wasted my time and taught me nothing,,I already post my videos to all 3 platforms you mentioned but still you didn’t say how exactly to earn money from them

  6. I can't download and reupload tiktok videos, however, does the same thing apply for an Anime Edit for example? Is it legal to upload my anime edits? (I have some on this youtube channel)

  7. Good Day, How are you and all members of your family? Please let me go straight to the point, I am tired of life but life did not treat me like others, things were not working well with me, as am talking to you I do not know what can happen in a few days or hours to me, I will be appreciated if you can safe my life in one on one training on how to get money online, any amount you may ask me to pay for your work, I will pay it as soon I am receiving money, please safe my life, I am begging you do not let me die suddenly.

  8. Do you make a new account for the videos you upload, so they aren’t on your personal account? I feel like it would be weird to upload them to my personal Instagram/ social media.

    If I create a new account solely for sharing videos I make, should it be a business Instagram or a regular account? Thank you for the great video! 🥰

  9. Sara, great video!! I'm still confused though on the process of being invited to the program. Can you please explain a bit more?? Do we just upload videos and wait for fb to contact us?? Do we apply to the program?? How does the actual process of communicating with FB occur?? Am I just uploading videos willy nilly????

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