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Ghana Grows Our Cocoa, So Why Can’t It Make Chocolate? | Big Business

In 2021, Ghana grew 1 million tons of cocoa. But it exported most of that to Europe and North America, where it was turned into chocolate. And the big bucks are in chocolate. Trapped in a trade relationship with Europe and struggling to process chocolate itself, Ghana sees little of the industry’s profits. So as chocolate companies rake in billions, cocoa farmers struggle to make a living income. We went to Ghana to see the impact on farmers and learn how local entrepreneurs are trying to keep chocolate dollars inside their country.


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Ghana Grows Our Cocoa, So Why Can’t It Make Chocolate? | Big Business


36 thoughts on “Ghana Grows Our Cocoa, So Why Can’t It Make Chocolate? | Big Business”

  1. About the issue of not having much dairy in Ghana– Make non-dairy chocolate! There are so many replacements for dairy to choose, plant-based is better for the planet, and healthier for the body.

  2. Ghana needs to do everything in their power to develop their local chocolate industry because Europe has started producing fake lab grown chocolate that doesn't even use cocoa beans. Ghana will have to develop new markets for its chocolate on the continent because Europe refuses to buy from Africans unless its on their terms.

  3. Made in ghana chocolate are very expensive but those made from Europe to Africa and ghana as a whole is less expensive. This makes a lot of Ghanaians to buy those from Europe. This is so sad a Ghanaian to see this. We are not even earning alot from cocoa 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  4. If I were the ruler of Ghana I would entice some of the foreign expertise workers with citizenship and homes to teach the Ghanaians the fine art of producing high-quality chocolates. In time Ghana will be able to not only grow but sell the finished product also.

  5. Good question Ghana grown coco and cannot produce chocolate, Ghana equally produce gold and cannot produce costly jewelry, how about that,now listen Chinese buy the gold procedure jewelry Make more gain and give loan to ghana 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Maybe Ghana should just stop believing the colonialist crap they're being told. Their product doesn't have to be "made better quality" in another country. Their product is already top quality, it just gets more proccessed in another country.
    Maybe tell those big chocolate players to try and get better cocoa somewhere else if they think they can – which they won't.
    More confindence, people!
    It will save you the effort to try and make chocolate in Ghana, which is unefficient.
    You need to sell yourself and your product as the best already available.
    It's why the chinese are making everything these days: because they tell everyone they're the best at it

  7. Shouldn't they be happy with invented a product that then give them jobs? Without Europe inventing chocolate and buying it they would have no jobs instead. It's up to the farmers to set the prices.

  8. i have lived in Ghana it's great country with lovely people, as long as huge companies are working there with huge lobbies people won't be able to take the charge of that section, also there should be more energy making ways, there isn't much chance on that part since there isn't an always sunny weather or large rivers for damns

  9. That was the whole point of colonization, to keep westerners economies vibrant. S lot of them would care less about African farmers poverty. Same with coffee, I was raised a coffee farmer in Uganda. At present a cup of coffee at Starbucks is 3 dollars.

  10. asian, african and latin countries have all the natural resources which europe and seppos exploit. only if the asian african and latins can make the finished products then the dominance will shift to them from the europeans and seppos

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