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Home » Google I/O 2011: Building a Business Web Presence using Blogger APIs

Google I/O 2011: Building a Business Web Presence using Blogger APIs

Brett Morgan, Pat Coleman

Want to sell a website hosting solution to your clients that won’t keep you awake at night with the fear it might get crushed by becoming virally popular? Blogger’s new Admin APIs enable you to have a customer friendly interface that serves their needs, and yours. Come along and learn how to implement your next customer site atop Blogger.


6 thoughts on “Google I/O 2011: Building a Business Web Presence using Blogger APIs”

  1. Blogger is a great service, and thanks for the API.

    But unlucky with promotion this time: Right after the video Blogger went down (and is still down) for nearly 2 days, and our new posts are gone…

    If the posts can be recovered, our confidence will return! We are all human 😉

  2. To make Blogger ready for business:
    1. Possibility to rename URLs (no date in URL!)
    2. Extend post options to provide meta-tags directly (esp. description meta-tag!)
    3. Extend post options to decide if next-previous-buttons are displayed or not
    4. Make the template fully editable, i.e. remove automatic (script) inserts by blogger (e.g. let us remove the body navbar)
    5. Add a breadcrumbs system
    6. Provide a chunk system like modxcms
    Experience: 2 years of Blogger usage.

  3. Gosh I attended Google I/O and am now checking out blogger video. I use wordpress currently but don't know java and python although know php and a bit mysql. This looks promising but heavy knowledge needed to develop. I think what I like is that if you learn GWT you learn how to work all the products of google where as wordpress you just get wordpress. I like the template design part and possibly hook up to Web Purchase store. WordPress has a huge following and a ton of material out there.

  4. Could google create an app for everyone to have a personal bank/account independent of any other bank..completely ours that our pay could be transferred into n we have complete control and access of our money..not the big banks

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