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GoPro Hero 11 vs DJI Action 3: Don't Buy One of Them

The GoPro Hero 11 and the DJI Action 3 are two of the best action cameras on the market BUT they do have significant differences. This video compares the Action 3 and the GoPro 11 in all the important details and I also explain why I am not keeping one of them.

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29 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 11 vs DJI Action 3: Don't Buy One of Them”

  1. How can DJI make closer objects be in focus without sacrificing distant focus? The Action 3 has a larger sensor, so it’s physics. They need to put a smaller aperture lens to increase the depth of field.
    I was worried about the distant objects not being in focus. For selfie videos there could be a chap add on close up lens screw on filter.

    You want mountains and buildings in focus.
    Anyway I got the Hero 11 and canceled the DJI. I am more concerned about the clipped highlights, contrast, digital sharpening.
    But battery life, usability, menus and water resistance are appealing.

  2. Good comparison, thanks Jake. I thought mine looked good first time I tested it and looked at footage on my laptop. Then after doing bunch more recording and looking at it on my 27" iMac display, wow I couldn't believe how soft it was. I tested it again after new firmware update. I will say the distant items look a little better (sharper), but close up like you showed was no better at all. Luckily I still in the 14 day return window so put in my refund request today. I picked up the Hero 11 from your recommendation and tested it against OA3 and what difference. GoPro IQ is far superior to DJI, the resolution, lens flare and dynamic range is significantly better. I guess if you never use the DJI for anything close up like vlogging, etc. it would be fine. But to me the dynamic range on the GoPro makes it worth the extra money and reason alone to get it over DJI.

  3. Jake — Great UNBIASED honest review. I also returned my Osmo Action 3 because of the focus issues. Hope they can fix the hardware (software CAN NOT fix it and will oversharpen the foreground but watch the background get destroyed) as the camera could have been a real go pro competitor !

  4. I video while I ride horses, so the closeup focus issues may not bother me. Where the A3 shines for me is the screen shut off and keep recording when it gets hot. I’ve lost a lot of good footage due to my GP10 shutting down when it gets hot. Enough for me to start using external power to get the battery out of my 10. Thanks for the review!

  5. This focus issue with the Action 3 is becoming an issue, more people reporting it everyday. Thanks for doing a good job clearly showing what the issue is. I realize not everyone has this issue, but many folks do, and I hope DJI can get this resolved soon. Until then the Hero 11 is the better choice, for me, nothing else matters if my video is out of focus. Great video Jake, and thanks for sharing.

  6. I need a new cam for my driving videos, but the question is what to buy? I used to run with GoPro but i had so much issues related to software, storage and APP. Using the gopro was a nightmare have they resolved it or is it still just as bad with next to non software fixes and bad support?

  7. Im just amazed that you had no mention of colours in the videos. The osmo colour profile is so much closer to true capture than the wrongly saturated go pro. Unless you’re happy with you jacket and surroundings not being the colours they are supposed to be. You mention sun flare yet from the osmo pocket you got that lovely sun streak across the flare that all cine photographers look for. The 9 inch focus is a real issue no doubt but easily overcome. The brackets well again you go to no trouble explaining the reasons for this and for an action camera how easily it is to change mounts on the A3. This was not a fair impartial review so much stuff you missed out on . I also wonder just how many people actually need 10 bit in an action cam, it is needed on the go pro because you have to change the colours. And I suppose for those doing 360 downhill tumbling having that horizon feature is important for action3 users its about as useless as a chocolate fireguard 😂

  8. Thanks for this comparison video. I've never owned a GoPro but I do have the original Osmo Action which I love. I have been looking forward to the Action 3 since it was announced just never pulled the trigger to get it. With that focus issue I guess I'll be holding off even longer. One thing you did forget to mention is the Action 3s front facing screen is also a touch screen where the GoPro's isn't.

  9. Jake, does either of these units come with basic editing software? I have an old GoPro Session with the software that came with it. If I wanted to buy software, what would you suggest for photo and video?

  10. Nice video, you’re not the only one to talk about the focus issue on dji and I agree it’s a Lense issue that can’t be fixed only a recall and replacement but DJI isn’t a honaable company so that ain’t going to happen.

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