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In this video am following on a newer KASPA FPGA about to hit the markert as well as the rumors of ERGO FPGAs are true as well yet another blow to the GPU Miners.

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31 thoughts on “GPUs Will Be OBSOLETE On KASPA and ERGO | FPGAs”

  1. The specialized equipment that are referring to is optical equipment. It will user silicon photonic chips (lasers) instead of ASIC chips. While it is specialized hardware, it is extremely different from ASICs.

  2. knowing Ergo community and developer values, there will definitely be some kind of action taken against FPGAs.

    Keeping Ergo Gpu mineable coin is essential for the decentralization aspect of it.

  3. RM great content however I would not spend 5k to make $5-7 per day, that’s a waste would end up taking 2+ years to ROI, normally with ASIC in a down marking 12-14 months is about what you looking for as good return, any more than that not many will be sold so I don’t think it I’ll be as bad as it seems.. but yeah FPGA’s are sweet! I want to see some for Flux too lol.

  4. Funny how all POW projects are allegedly on the side of GPU miners BUT betray GPU miners at the very first opportunity they have LOL
    On the other note, nothing is truly ASIC/FPGA proof, all these projects can do is to implement/design algorithms which make it harder for ASIC/FPGA manufacturers to design specialized for that specific algorithm…
    One of the ERGO devs actually was invited to a BITMAIN event, there are tweets from BITMAIN itself bragging about it :$

  5. If its the same as asic , where they charge the projected profit from the entire life of the machine.

    Its a waste of time to break even at best.

    Nice title though really shock and awe people.

  6. Vindication lol Been warning people that Ergo was going to get taken over by ASIC's sooner or later but no one would listen.

    We need to demand an algo change ASAP before the FPGA's and ASIC's take over and prevent GPU miners from ever having a vote in the network again. I fear it is already too late though. The devs have known this was coming for some time and did nothing to stop it.

  7. not sure about Kaspa but I would think Ergo would fork or something to stay non asic surely… that is if they actually care about decentralization and us poor GPU mining refugees like they say they do

  8. this is no news to me, Kaspa is a platform open to all, but till that asics come in we have a great time to able to mine this coin and keep it. You still talking about profitiibilty there are no profits on mining. Unless you are a massive farm. we are mining , holding and waiting the price to recover to sell it to collect our profits. If you are mining kaspa today and selling it today you DO NOT UNDERSTAND how mining business works. ERGO FPGA's? well Nvidia cmp 170hx is a good example for this, its almost a FPGA, but coould people buy it ? could people invest to it yet?you are talking as these asics and fpga's are ready for sale and everybody buying it.:D look at ETC full of asic's but i am 100% sure people not just go out and buy ASIC's to just start mining ETC. These are the old equipment from ETH may be 10% of it new equipment. How many of that asics been sold ? etc asics you guys been advertising 😀 handfull. So i am kind of glad you are fear mangoring as for me the less GPU miners better the yields i get till the next bull run. Joke a side If in somepoint ergo accepts asics, it wont be now. It will be MAY BE when 1 ERG is $40 in value. But not now. Think about Ethereum, in the begining there were no ASICS, no FPGA's may be a little but not alot. Ergo is the next generation, more efficient, more enviromental friendly, better version of Ethereum and also Kaspa is a very good coin, mimicing the Bitcoin. WE WILL SEE my friend but GPU mining is too too too young to retire yet, just like crypto currency in total.

  9. GPU mining is dead w/ asic mining on its way in 7-8 years. Probably be a spike here and there but won’t last. As crypto becomes more regulated, so will the energy usage.

  10. Rabid is a guy from tale about a guy who always panic about wolfs..😄 Cmon , Half of the planet already in power crisis, and whole planet in huge financial crisis, that will be recorevering for years. For mining enthusiast, who continue to mine this kind of news is nothing… And those who now can afford to mine and pay their bills for electricity mostly sitting on etc, rvn and flux anyway.

  11. This guy hates Bitcoin, GPUs and Nicehash. That's for sure. But CPU mining is gold XDXD. A 5k FPGA is just a joke. And the main goal of the kaspa dev is to mine with laser technology, and that's too far from now. Keep mining with GPUs folks, there''re still a lot of good years to mine

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