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House Update & Escaping The Matrix To Rural Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­

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We are loving family that live in Bamboo Huts in Rural Thailand. Damo (me), Ryan (my husband), and Otis (Our Son) spend our days taking care of the land and the animals and enjoying each others company at home on our Thailand farm, we also spend lots of time away, including on the beautiful island of Bali. Welcome to our YouTube channel!


25 thoughts on “House Update & Escaping The Matrix To Rural Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­”

  1. What is the availability of Internet? Is Satellite Internet available? What is the cost of Internet Service and is it strictly controlled by the Government? Personally I could not live where Internet wasn't available, especially English Language Service.

  2. Enjoyed your live stream today. Glad to see you are in a great frame of mind. You have a better sense of life than a lot of other people. Living for today. Hope everything works out for you on your journey and family. Would love to be like you. No stress or strain. Every time I’m in Thailand it’s like a different world. Can’t wait to get back.

  3. My misses now owns the family home, however she recently lost her mother and 2 weeks later her grandmother. After being ripped off for 40 years in superannuation I now realize that without a lotto win in never going to be able to live there with her, and she can't immigrate here as she is over 40 with only laboring skills. So here's to hoping for lotto win. Pray for me brother.

  4. Hi
    Good to see everything and everyone doing good, you make a good point about escaping the drudgery of the work to live, live to work routine.
    As a reincarnation of Jeffro Tull (musician and agriculturalist) do you manage to undertake β€˜crop rotation’ rather than a consistent β€˜potato – rice – potato – rice’ as I would imagine letting land rest and go fallow is economically impossible ?
    Just in the wet miserable U.K. for a few weeks getting a MOT and indulging in Parkin, Hot Pot with pickled red cabbage and Roast chestnuts …. And no chillis for a few weeks lol

  5. About the only money you need to have in the bank in Thailand is the money for the visa. Of course you will need monthly expenses and so forth, but that can be quite low. $500 – $1,000 USD goes a long way in Thailand! I keep most of my money in a bank in the States which allows me to play the money market some and send in more when the exchange rate is beneficial.

    The farm isn't self sufficient yet, but we are making strides to reach that. Doubling the number of sows for pig production is one endeavor. But there are many ways to increase local income IF you have a Thai wife or partner. As mentioned, there are many ways to do this digitally now as well.

    I'm not a rich farang by any means. In fact, I'm struggling a bit to meet the requirements for the retirement visa. But when in
    Thailand, I find it quite easy to live there on a realistic budget. Once the land payments are finished, my meager income from Social Security alone is more than enough to live quite well and bank some reserves. Everything else is just a bonus! Can't say the same about living in the States.

    If you truly want to live in Thailand, there are ways to make it happen. You don't need to be rich, young or old. You just need to be willing to do what it takes to make it work for you. Also note that I can only speak to living in rural Issan. Different areas have a wide variety of associated expense, and benefit.

  6. When I came to Thailand recently for 5 months, I was spending more money than I did in the US (specifically for rent). It's very tempting with the low cost of housing/rental to be tempted to pay a little more than you already do in the US to have a luxurious villa with a nice sea view or a more luxurious lifestyle than you would in the US.

  7. Am in Chiang Rai for the next few months visiting my partner, we both share the dream of living here in a similar fashion as you and your family, it would be great to meet some day to bounce some ideas off each other. Love what you guy’s are doing πŸ‘πŸ»

  8. You have escaped the programming and indoctrination. Yes, the matrix. Escaping is a mentality renewal process that produces real freedom and joy. It took me almost 6 decades to snap out of it. 🀣 You are right about it being more than mental. A lot more.

  9. Wonder what you think about "the matrix" on a larger scale … you know the conspiracy theory stuff. Do you believe there is an agenda to eliminate cash from the world, depopulate the human population by a tremendous amount, and impose enormous technocratic controls and manipulations on the remaining population? I do suppose there is such an agenda. I also live in Thailand, and don't suppose people living in Thailand are going to be able to escape any more easily than people in the rest of the world.

    Respond in as much detail as you like, in other words, from no response at all to a thorough response.

    I'm really interested to know if others think this country is any safer than any other country. Of course, time / when is an issue. I'm not so sure I'd even want to be around on earth in as little as 8 years from now … 2030.

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