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Housing Crash Just Started in Nashville | Housing Market Update July 9, 2022

This video is an analytical approach to the Nashville Tn Housing Market. We are seeing Median Sales Price fall rapidly in the heart of Nashville.

Active Listings
Under Contract
Median Sales Price
Davidson County Tn Deep Dive MLS Realtracs Data

Nashville Housing Market Update specifically Davidson/Williamson County ~50% of Nashville MSA.

Hey all. Thanks for watching. My goal is to find the story in data and tell it in an engaging way where you learn something. This is my own personal Youtube Channel. I’m on a buying journey and just telling what I learn. I’m not selling anything. This isn’t financial advice.

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TN Real Estate License: 356949


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8 thoughts on “Housing Crash Just Started in Nashville | Housing Market Update July 9, 2022”

  1. Thanks for sharing your work and insights! I’ll look forward to these each Saturday. I’m a new investor interested in class B/C single families in the 200 to 350 K range. I would love to hear any insights or observations you have about what’s happening in this segment of the market. Thanks again and all the best to you!

  2. are rental rates dropping in nashville? saw a story of how housing cost is making increases in rent prices, but not sure about the nashville area. i can tell as someone who rented this year rents are definitely going up for single family homes. not sure of the overall market.

  3. Thanks for sharing this data! I’m migrating to Nashville soon and I hope to buy a house. All of the videos I’m finding are of realtors reading the same news articles with 6-8 week old data. I can read those myself lol. I’m grateful that you’re sharing current MLS data for those of us who don’t have access.

  4. Thanks for making this video. I do think you should always look at price per square foot in your table besides the sale price (although they seems consistent). We visited our friend there in July and was shocked by the housing market. We are from upstate NY. The price there is just incomprehensible IMHO.

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