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How Can Students Start Freelancing: Blueprint To 6 Figure Income

In this video, you’ll learn how can students start freelancing from start to finish. So if you don’t know about freelancing or are just getting started, you can save years of trial and error by watching my actionable tutorial.

0:18: Intro

0:46: How can students start freelancing

1:15: How to approach freelancing

1:46: How much can you earn doing freelancing

2:23: Step 1

3:29: Step 2

5:28: Step 3

7:23: Step 4

8:40: Step 5

10:25: Conclusion

Freelancing is the buzzword after the covid pandemic. Indeed, an online job found recorded a 22% jump in hiring freelancers in Jan 2021 as compared to Jan 2019.

So what exactly is freelancing?

“Simply put, freelancing means pursuing a profession (offering skills) without any long-term commitment to your client (or employer). It’s similar to being a professional, and platforms like Upwork and provide you with the option to set up your profile and attract clients.”

There is endless scope in freelancing. Anything which offers value to businesses can be a freelancing opportunity. A simple thing like being proficient in a second language can land you an opportunity on sites like One Hour Translation.

Watch this video to know the exact steps you must follow to start your career in the freelance industry in 2022.

I am Adarsh, and I will show you how to become a freelancer and how you can leverage your skills to earn a decent amount by remote work. You will learn to utilize freelancing skills & high-income skills to serve clients in the content marketing industry. I will talk about article writing, blog post writing, copywriting for beginners, finding freelance writing clients, and other topics on this channel.

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