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How Do Bees Make Honey?

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The Honey Bee Dance Language Explained:

Being a queen is about more than royal jelly:
Mao, Wenfu, Mary A. Schuler, and May R. Berenbaum. “A dietary phytochemical alters caste-associated gene expression in honey bees.”Science advances 1.7 (2015): e1500795

Multiple phenotypes coming from the same genetics (like workers and queens) is called “polyphenism”

The social structure of honeybee hives:

The following clips were used under Creative Commons CC-BY license:
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

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43 thoughts on “How Do Bees Make Honey?”

  1. DUDE this was cool!! Learning about bees was so cool I never new any of this and it still blows my mind that the eggs with no sperm turn in to males which I still don't understand that because if the egg doesn't receive sperm then how can it hatch so confused lol but really enjoyed video and learning thanks a bunch!!

  2. "When a new queen is born, she immediately kills her sisters". But how does a queen know she's a queen? And what if she has 100 sisters, how could she singlehandedly kill 100 sisters? What happens if she gets killed by her sisters?

  3. FYI – queen bees don't travel to another hive to mate, they mate in the air with drones from several hives, and bears really don't care for honey, they raid honeybee colonies for the protein rich brood.

  4. Changing- life moment
    Just watch this video and stay alone thinking for a moment:-
    Who created this creature , why , how
    Can anyone believe that it's unique design is perpetual
    If your answer is no
    Then you must believe in God who created it and innovated this unique design
    How these tiny creatures " bees" navigate or learn where and how to fly and come back to their hives
    Do they have a compass
    What is the internal motivation which push or provoke them to produce honey
    Why other insects Don't produce honey
    How can bees design these accurate holes which are meticulously equal in size and shape
    Do they have engineering instruments
    Does someone teach them math or calculations to be able to calculate high , width, tall , size , capacity….etc

    If you have answered these questions reasonably well you will surely believe in God in your lord in your creator
    It's unfair to deny or neglect this crystal clear fact.

    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Thanks in advance

  5. Bees are a miracle of nature that we are in real danger of losing. Is it due to human interference, global warming through human interference or insect evolution? For whatever reason bees are disappearing, humans are facing disaster if they become extinct.

  6. And this phenomenon is mentioned in Quran that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him 1400 years ago!!! No technology no science no research at that time and Quran tells about honey bees processing honey in their bellies. Who else but only the Creator could tell this

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