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How Dry Cleaning Works

Turns out dry cleaning isn’t dry at all. We take you inside Meurice Garment Care in the Bronx to see how the dry cleaning process works at a company that has been doing it for over 60 years.


Produced by Justin Gmoser; Additional Camera by Alana Kakoyiannis


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20 thoughts on “How Dry Cleaning Works”

  1. I took my coat and jacket to the dry cleaners bc they had some smell to them but they are too fragile for me to clean at my house but I received them still wrinkled and with a smell 🙁 so i looked up the process to see if it took the smell away

  2. Totally agree with the comment under me but for some reason after 33 years of living I had a absolute wild hair up my @ss today to the urge to look up andwatch/ see this process of dry cleaning..
    Awesome video

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