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How LONG Did It Take to Get My First 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube?

There’s a simple tactic that’ll get you your first 10,000 YouTube subscribers. Today I’m going to break down how long did it take me to get my first 10,000 subscribers and how you can too with one winning tactic that got me there.


Tactic number one, paid YouTube ads. At first, I thought that paid ads were great. I was getting an average of 323,000 views per month. But the problem, that level engagement that I was is getting from those paid ads, it just wasn’t ideal. People were going, they weren’t engaging, dropping off. My retention rates were too low.

The worst part, when I stopped my YouTube ads my views tanked and I got almost zero traction from all the money I spent on ads in the aftermath. The bottom line is, that experiment helped me get a bulk of my views in that short period of time but it didn’t create long term gains. I just spent a ton of money, and literally flushed it down the toilet. And when I say I spent a lot of money, I’m not talking about $1.000 I’m talking about tens and tens, and tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s how I got to tactic number two, which was releasing one video per day. I know what you’re thinking, “Neil, you’re crazy. One video per day, that’s hard to keep up with.” And you’re right. It wasn’t easy to keep up with that production pace but the results of this second experiment were great. For the first time, I was getting a lot of new subscribers every day.

Though, my view count wasn’t as impressive. I wanted to build up my channel subscriber base so that way I can maintain higher view counts in the future. Not only that. Pushing out new content every day, allowing me to understand what my audience really wanted to learn, and what they didn’t want, which and then gave me the opportunity to double-down on the winning ideas, and get more traction.

So what I learned during that time is, and you could model after this is, produce videos each and every single day when you’re starting. When you produce those videos, make sure you put in the right keywords in the title, in the description, and use Ubersuggests to show you what keywords are popular. It even shows you them for YouTube as well. It has all that data in there.

Now, within the first 30 seconds of your video, you need to tell people to subscribe. within the first 10 seconds of the video, you need to hook people so that they want keep watching the rest of your videos. And when you do this, you’ll get more subscribers. You’ll eventually rank and you’ll do well.

The other strategy I have for you is when you release those videos, send out an email blast. A push notification. Promote the YouTube video on other social channels, and tell them to go to YouTube even though the other social channels hate it. It’s a good start. And what I mean by that is, I’m not talking about a wall post. I’m talking about messaging other people on these social channels that you already have fans and fans, and that’ll help you get more traction. If you do this, you’ll figure out what works on YouTube.

And then after 30 day time window, what you can do is start creating less videos. I do three times a week, and you create the videos that create the most engagement the most subscribers ‘cuz you have data from your first 30 days. If you don’t have enough data from your first 30 days, create 60 days worth of content.

Go hard for two months, and then slow it down and then focus on quality. That’s how you get your first 10,000 subscribers super fast.

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34 thoughts on “How LONG Did It Take to Get My First 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube?”

  1. Hey Neil – could you advice please? I post tennis video sessions and back in 2018-19 I had 15K+ views on my each videos but then in 2020 I could not post every week due to Covyd – courts were closed and now I post again once a week I dont seem to get any views compare to back then.. the break of
    not posting regularly to due to pandemic was like 4-5 months. Shall I open a new channel
    instead or keep posting once a week like now – cant post much more
    as tennis videos take lots of time to shoot + travel to courts etc.. If you could advice would be great! Feels like my channel is dead or
    not? cheers’ Jan. JM Tennis

  2. Those are some really great tactics!! Thank you neil, always a value bomb 🔥 but can we use this tactics without showing our face?? What is my niche is related to entertainment review type

  3. Awesome video!!🔥🔥 I’m definitely planning to post 3-5 times a week from here on. My channel focuses on making money as a small youtuber… gotta bump up the subs to increase my credibility 🚀🚀🚀

  4. Neil, what do you think about using this same strategy for a Facebook group? Also, once you had doubled down on your best messaging, did you run ads again and find them more successful?

  5. Thanks for sharing your failed tactics as well as your successes. It's encouraging to know that even someone with your skills, experience, and intuition still has to struggle through the learning curve. Respect.

  6. Produce videos everyday with "YouTube optimisation".
    This only works if you have relevant topics to talk about. For instance, if you are a cooking channel, that's cooking enough dishes daily or produce enough content "60 videos" and then schedule to post them daily..but this won't work if your channel is something like.."fish tanks at home".

    I think the key is "active" channels, you don't have to have crap thin content for engagement, you can do 3 videos a week and still get this level of "notice" and return from YouTube. I'm sure tactics like this will lead to spam and thin videos and similar to webpages, Google will clamp down on "thin" or "low quality" videos etc

  7. hey Neil sir, your journey is really very different from ours. I have a question how can I collect emails without any funnel through a pop-up because my investment has been completed on others. please tell me some of the ways that can help me to collect emails.

  8. The best strategy is to make atleast 5 videos and promote that particular YouTube video which gets the most subscribers through Google Ad campaign.What say Neil?

  9. hi neil, I'm a 17 y/o and am planning to start an educational youtube channel with digitally animated content. i want my videos to land on people's recommended, because the content isn't exactly something many people are searching for. like, it has pretty decent volume and medium-high competition, but its not the kind of content that most viewers would be looking for via search. its very appealing and high quality, and the titles, thumbnails and of course the video would grab the attention of a viewer and make them click and also watch… but only if it lands in their recommended. can you suggest what i can do about that, to ramp it up near the time of release instead of waiting for potentially months for the algorithm to pick it up?
    also, is there a promising way to promote youtube videos other than my own social media?
    would really appreciate your response, thank you! 🙂

  10. Neil, Thank you for a great presentation ( as usual, I am a long-time fan of yours) with clear suggestions. I am starting to post now for the past 3 months regularly and gained 100 subs. I'd appreciate your comments about my videos (they are Christian, hope you don't mind)

  11. Hi Neil. How long does it take to build an AUTHORITY Youtube channel where YouTube starts ranking your videos as soon as you upload them?? I created a Tech channel bout 3 months ago & already uploaded 100+ videos & I'm being consistent on it since the start…But most of my videos don't get any views…

    So, I was wondering how long does it take for YouTube to start pushing your contents provided I am doing every other thing right, from content making to SEO optimize my videos…

    I tried blogging & have two blogs in health & tech niches & both the blogs are Adsense approved but Zero traffic… So, trying YouTube now because I felt ranking in YT is easier than ranking in Google for blog contents…Sometimes feel very depressed & demotivated but I'm not going to give-up…I'm 44 years old & still no monthly income…:(

    Love from India…

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