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How Much Money I Made Selling Stock Footage In 2022 ๐Ÿ’ฒ (& How You Can Do It Too!)

Here’s how much I made selling stock footage last year (2022) online, how I made it, and how you can do it too!
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4:17 How To Get Started Selling Stock Footage
8:55 Bonus If You Edit Videos

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40 thoughts on “How Much Money I Made Selling Stock Footage In 2022 ๐Ÿ’ฒ (& How You Can Do It Too!)”

  1. I appreciate your frankness about the reality of selling stock – I hate that photo/video is becoming "commoditzed" but you can't fight it. Always good to look at all potential sources of income from imaging these days. I still think being a videographer/photographer is easier than making money as a musician!

  2. Great stuff!! I have a youtube channel that focuses on flying and figure I can take some of the B-rolls to sell as stock or does it have to be professional camera stuff (vs gopro)? Also, from what you were saying the video, I understand that I can upload the same stock footage to multiple sites? Does that not create a licensing issue between stock footage sites? Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

  3. can you upload the same clips to all the different sites? or do you have to be careful to not upload duplicates? thanks for the help Matt you've been a big help with knowledge around my Premiere pro editing!๐Ÿ‘

  4. Thanks for sharing but why would I buy footage from anyone I got three BMPCCs, three Panasonic G7, one BMCC, one Panasonic GH3, a few other cams and a bunch of lenses and lots of time. So NO i am not interested in your income at all

  5. Yes more content please. What video specs do they accept. I have 8mm Film to 4k and everything in between. Can I upload the same footage to more than one platform. Can I still use the footage for myself. Thank you for your help.

  6. Hello Matt, your video really did encouraged me. It's a long way to go for me but you did your part in a holistic way. Just got to let you know that your videos was floating on my YT timeline for a few days, but seeing this one made me subscribe to your channel. I was for long thinking about stock footage business, now really hoping to start it. Thanks for this awesome content and please do make more videos on this topic. Looking forward.
    Love and respect.

  7. Appreciate the video. Maybe you can make one and talk about if you shoot upload Raw or Edited videos. Whether they should be 4K or not. Like if I shoot 4K 60 FPS on Sony IV, should I say it's 4K cause it's cropped? Thanks.

  8. if made tha tmoney he wouldnt post u can do it to becos that increase the comp .. for him self …wth ai art and mid journey and 3d all over saturated markets… currenlty …. ye ucan do it to

  9. I'm quite new in these thing, but I was wondering if there are website where client request a specific footage rather than searching for it.
    So they don't have to look through a massive list and can have result a bit more controlled.

    Do you know any such website and did you try it?


  10. These stock sites are like the pimps of the video world. Someone else does all the work and they grab the lions share of the profits. Hard to say if this is a viable income. Depends on who owns the footage. Apple started this kind of ripping off artists years ago. Put your work on iTunes or Spotify and watch how much they actually pay the artists. Who cares if the artist banged it off in 30 minutes.
    Now the concept of making it once but selling it thousands of time to create a passive income is very alluring and a great idea theoretically but if it takes ten years to make $1000 then clearly itโ€™s only making the sites wealthy. They just buy more storage and have bigger bank accounts.

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