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How My Webinars Generate 1038 Leads A Month

You put all this time into your marketing and hosting a webinar, so why aren’t you getting more leads? My agency, NP Digital, hosts webinars all the time, and it brings us over 1,000 leads every single month.

According to, the webinar market is projected to reach 800 million by 2023. The market share is there, you just need to capitalize on it. Hosting a webinar isn’t just an amazing opportunity for you to educate your audience. You have to be using them as a chance to network, grow your audience, and drive tones and tones of leads. After all, how often do you get a platform like that? But here’s the tough truth.


Most webinar conversion rates aren’t that high. If you’re doing it wrong, you might only be getting a five to 10% conversion rate on your webinar page, and from there, maybe 35 to 45% registrant to attendee rate if you’re lucky. Which means if you want to drive leads from your webinars, it has to start at the very beginning. Your marketing rollout has to be on point if you want to drive a ton of leads from your webinar.

So how does my agency generate over 1,000 leads every single month from webinars? Well, here’s a few strategies that you can just copy that we use to maximize our lead collection from our webinars.

Strategy one, focus on attracting high quality leads from the start.

Strategy number two, co-host your webinar with a partner.

Strategy number three, time your promotional campaigns.

And strategy number four, to get you even more leads, show your webinar on all the social platforms.

If you need help with your digital marketing and tactics like this, check out my ad agency, NP Digital, or if you just have any questions, leave a comment below. We’re here to help. If you enjoyed the video, like it, share it tell the people about it. Thank you for watching.

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8 thoughts on “How My Webinars Generate 1038 Leads A Month”

  1. Hey Neil! Thanks for another video!
    You replied to my comment on one of your earlier videos (a week ago)to keep you posted regarding my progress as a blogger.

    So wanted to let you know I have finished 26 posts on my blog and guess what, the 26th one is about you.

    And now i plan to promote my content for a while. I have been active on Quora and now starting out on Twitter and Medium.

    Your videos have been a huge help. Thanks for the amazing work you do.

    Cheers, Ali.

  2. “Create a buyer persona. Focus on their pain points.” – great pieces of advice, Neil! Webinars can provide quality leads if we know how to maximize it. Identifying our target audience is a must. If we know their pain points, we can come up with solutions to help them. This way, we can totally provide value through the webinar and we can get quality leads as well. It’s a win-win situation!

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