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How Nmap really works // And how to catch it // Stealth scan vs TCP scan // Wireshark analysis

Chris and I go deep into what Nmap is actually sending onto the network and how you can find those dodgy packets! We then get into a real world Wireshark discussion on how to find stuff in a sea of packets.

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0:00 ▶️ Welcome
2:15 ▶️ What is Nmap?
3:54 ▶️ TCP SYN and TCP connect scans
6:55 ▶️ Wireshark IP Filter
7:42 ▶️ Wireshark TCP Port Filter
7:57 ▶️ Stealth Scan
09:37 ▶️ Why it’s called a stealth scan
11:02 ▶️ Connect() scan
11:50 ▶️ How to identify potential Nmap scans in Wireshark
15:05 ▶️ Wireshark filters to find potential stealth scans
19:08 ▶️ Nmap Port Flag
20:16 ▶️ What makes a TCP connect scan different
22:47 ▶️ What is TCP Conversation Completeness
26:16 ▶️ Wireshark filter to identify potential TCP connect scans
29:06 ▶️ Are devices good enough today to capture huge amounts of data?
31:09 ▶️ Network Traffic Monitoring Device
32:55 ▶️ How to find specific data in huge files
42:27 ▶️ Final tips for beginners in cybersecurity
43:27 ▶️ Topics for future videos

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23 thoughts on “How Nmap really works // And how to catch it // Stealth scan vs TCP scan // Wireshark analysis”

  1. How to notice congestion with my internet circuit? For example, if we have a modem, a router and a switch with a bunch of devices comnected and the circuit is 5 Mbps upload and 10 Mbps download. How can i tell that circuit is being maxed out?

  2. MetaData(x+y+.. = z) and Time(10^-x sec) is very insane. Unfortunately, this is a precise solution to every problem. 🙃🌌… BTW TQSM for such a valuable Content Share. 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  3. I would like to understand the attacking methods more as i dont know what im looking for. That said i think you did it here 😄 scanning, how it works, how it will show up, what to look for. So keep this going! Maybe man in the middle next? Great content👍

  4. Hey David, this is kinda off topic but I had question about ur "How to change Windows 10 MAC Addresses – WiFi and Ethernet" vid. That is how do I make my MAC hidden from sites such as POF as they still seems to see my MAC address despite changing it?

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