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How Paul Thomas Anderson Shoots A Film At 3 Budget Levels

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Let’s take a look at three films made at three different budget levels from director Paul Thomas Anderson in order to get a sense of the trajectory of his career, his approach to filmmaking and how some of his methods of production have both remained the same and slowly shifted throughout his career.

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0:00 Introduction
1:17 Hard Eight
7:05 Sponsored Message
8:03 Boogie Nights
13:02 Licorice Pizza
17:26 Conclusion

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48 thoughts on “How Paul Thomas Anderson Shoots A Film At 3 Budget Levels”

  1. I Love Your Videos You Have Helped Me A Lot And You Giving Us Very Good Information And Good Looking Videos It's Like School But Instead Of Boring And With A Strict Teacher One Good Teacher Who Teaching Us With Pictures And Talks You Doing Amazing Job Keep Up With Your Hard Work And If You Can You Can Make A Video About Tim Burton? I Would Love To Watch A Video From You Who You WILL Explain Directing Style And A Lot Of Stuff About Tim Burton He Is My Idol In Directing And You Are One Of The Best Youtubers Who I Have Ever Watched Thank You For Your Time Big Love From Greece ๐Ÿงก๐ŸŒŒ

  2. Man I just love this series and the cinematographers styles. Always come back. I think an interesting filmmaker to do would be Robert Eggers, but we just have to wait for the Northman to come out that way you actually have 3 movies ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. Just wondering why didn't use a cinematographer on Licorice Pizza, also I like to know more about Ultra Panavision 70 mm camera's, their unique look and textures compared to other film formats and why Hollywood doesn't use them much anymore, as I watched a movie the other day that was filmed on them from the 70's which had this ultra wide look to the Film.

  4. How did you figure out all the technical information? I would never have figured out the lighting information from just watching it. Also how do you analyze films and then turn them into videos like these?

  5. I just love movies that depict the 70s. I grew up in the 70s on the east coast and my friends and I dreamt of the California surfing and skateboarding lifestyle. We did everything imaginable to recreate the whole vibe here. The clothes, the slang, the skating and surfing, the whole bit. It was truly California dreaming. The Anderson films and others really recreate that vibe that is unmistakably 70s. The Bad News Bears movies, especially the original, caught the same feel at that time. Nostalgic.

  6. LP does an amazing job of truly feeling like the 70s, even better than Boogie Nights I'd say, without feeling a schtick. But it's interesting that nearly the same film likely couldve been pulled off with $10M…like if PTA had pulled a Soderbergh and truly leaned into the fun of shooting on a low budget (ala Bubble but not that cheap lol).

  7. I love this series ๐Ÿ˜ in our day and age ,i dont think a story like PTA's would happen ,just because everybody has a camera in their pockets and the line between and actual movie and a phone movie would be blurred lol

  8. you don't know what 'video description' means, do you? It's the part of youtube where users go for a description of the video. Your video description is cheezy, sleezy salesmenshit.
    I am reporting this video for something (I can't report it on the basis of the description alone; I apologize in advance for reporting the rules violation inaccurately.)

    You know being a shitty person is bad for you, right? Like… this is such an insult to PTA and I hope one day you open a really upsetting court summons in your mail.

  9. Hey In Depth Cine, I recently saw a photo showing Roger Deakins on set with a 16mm camera which had purple tape on it. Does this have a special reason?
    I am familiar with orange and blue tapes on film cameras but in this case Iโ€™m a little confused
    Thank you for your videos

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