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How People Profit Off India’s Garbage | World Wide Waste | Business Insider

India has more people and produces more garbage than nearly every other country in the world. Many make a living off that waste, from ragpickers to entrepreneurs. Join us as we look at how they turn trash into shoes, tiles, teddy bears, and more.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Plastic Shoes
02:40 Sugarcane Tableware
06:38 Incense Flowers
09:25 Vegetable Biogas
12:02 Sewer Diving
16:10 Landfill Fires
18:51 Carbon Tiles
25:09 Cigarette Recycling

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How People Profit Off India’s Garbage | World Wide Waste | Business Insider


46 thoughts on “How People Profit Off India’s Garbage | World Wide Waste | Business Insider”

  1. Recycling is a magic word these days and can be misleading. Cleaning and separating all these materials causes even more pollution and costs a lot of energy. We can better focus on the technology of new materials that are biodegradable.

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  3. It seems to have been overlooked or even neglected to mention in some of these videos that such a huge amount of waste from Europe and the US is literally dumped on countries like India and Africa.
    It is primarily THAT waste; especially when it comes to plastics, metals, electronics and even sewage which contributes massively to the problem in countries like these.
    Thankfully these people have far more than an ounce of integrity and spirituality left in their societies/cultures and we should look more to them for their innovation, their creativity, their solidarity and above all their hard work in solving the horrendous issues they are faced with.
    In creating sustainable, localised industries which tackle societical issues, providing jobs and making effective use of every waste product, I believe we should look to these people for inspiration and indeed be humble in their presence…
    Think through the processes you are seeing here and how easily they could be integrated on smaller, safer and more effective scales in your own community.
    Gave me a lightbulb moment…

  4. That pink teddy bear has a lot to say about wasteful material… although stuffed with recycled cigarette butts, it will probably end up on a theme park stand, be loved for a while, forgotten for a time and them be dumped into a landfill pile which will be scoped up and sent back to India in all its sad and faded plastic pink glory of an unsustainable and barbaric global "economy"

  5. Absolute legends, God bless your cottons socks to all whom are acting with expansion in mined for the totality of our environment, us and universe, legends 💜

    May Love, Light and Wisdom be with all 🙏💚🧙‍♂️

  6. Thaely shoes look cool, but are all sold out in many sizes. These people are solving the world's problems and we should support their businesses. They are twice the cost of a pair of New Balance, but in the long run it's an investment in the future of the planet and our own health and lives.

  7. Carbon tiles seem to be quite stupid idea made only to earn on people who just believe that when you say something is eco-friendly, they feel good about buying it. What's the idea? Let's use carbon in a product so that there's less carbon to be burned for energy? And what now? Will power plants close down because there's no waste to burn? They will just burn coal from another source. As long as we burn fossil fuels, there is barely any advantage of reusing products that would otherwise be burned for energy. Anything you reuse will just result in more fossil fuels used to produce energy, this effort is useless. This will only make sense when we have enough alternative energy sources that we will actually end up not needing to burn anything, even a waste products. So far for every ton of carbon waste recycled there is one ton of coal ordered and mined out of the ground to be burned instead.

  8. Imagine gifting a teddy bear stuffed with cigarette butts smoked by the diseased rabid creeps given to your child who chokes on it. The problem has just compounded. Indian way!! 😊 😉

  9. I really wish the gov or the workers themselves are taught to wear proper gears depending on the work they do. As a citizen of India, I am really concerned about how these hard workers are being Sacrificial just to earn their daily day to day expenses.

    Hoping and praying for a better future for the ones who are working for our better tomorrow today.

  10. Informative video.I was wondering how plastic shoes used during the monsoons were so cheap for a little more than 2 dollar in Mumbai. This year the shoes were so pretty, from gum boots to track shoes,shoes with platform heels, sandals and slippers all in different colours to match your outfit !

  11. It breaks my heart that people still believe in gods nowadays – like that poor man who prays and then goes to work diving into other peoples shit. How much humanity needs to suffer to understand that there's no gods in this forsaken world?

  12. It is an irony to hear from you that India is 2nd country who produces most waste in the world. While India is not even part of top 10 countries generating waste.
    As per USATODAY top 5 countries generating waste-
    1. Canada
    2. Bulgaria
    3. USA
    4. Estonia
    5. Finland
    I appreciate that you are showing world that India is finding innovative ways to fight waste problem.
    But first get your facts straight !!!

  13. Cleaning drains in India is a caste issue here only lower caste people are forced to do such jobs since they are still discriminated in India, it is difficult for their children to get into school and earn a respectable living and government won’t do anything because it is a monarch licking people at the end of the day they don’t care about common people and generations of trauma to particular segments of society

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