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How to add or claim your business on Google

Learn how to sign up for Google My Business, and how to get the most out of this resource. Learn more:

Video Preview – Someone else verified My Business –


29 thoughts on “How to add or claim your business on Google”

  1. I totally agree that your verification process is a most cumbersome and unreasonable procedure. There should be a simpler way to do it via phone or email. The post card does not make sense. It can get lost in the mail. But, why should I verify an account that I created. In my case, I found that the email for my account is not mine. Now I have to wait until a descifre your procedures before this can be corrected. I have already spent several hours trying to fix this problem… and I am not done yet. Unbelievable!

  2. What I need to type in contact name?(for verification) Isn't email?
    I typed my email address but it said that cannot accept numbers… But my email address got number then how?

  3. Hi Google, i can't verify my google business account even i able to log in. The google business ask me to verify again which is they will give me information 7 days ahead. Could you assist me to do faster than waiting for 7 days or official email from google can help me soon. Thanks

  4. I was the owner of business named as Master Molty Foam and manage it since 6months. I buy a new cell for this and during the transfer of data I mistakenly removed my business during removing of locations.. but still it is shown in google and I can't manage it..

  5. Someone else created an account for our business and verifed it but he is not working here anymore.We don't know which email he used so we can't edit it.

    We created a new one but the old one shows up when we search on google.

    What can i do in order to remove the old one or claim it ?

  6. Dear Google, someone took my house pics and uploaded on Google Maps calling it a love shack and Massage centre. Are you guys kidding me? Is this even real to allow any Random person to name a private home some fake Business listing without the owners permission. You better get it down before I sue you and viral this legit flaw of your platform. GET IN TOUCH IMMEDIATELY!

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