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Home » How to Avoid Danger and STILL make Money in Sea of Thieves

How to Avoid Danger and STILL make Money in Sea of Thieves

How to Avoid Danger and STILL make Money in Sea of Thieves

A question as old as time: How do I make money while playing Solo? Many a swabbie dreams of grand riches but struggles to defend their loot in the face of portal hopping Reapers. Though no matter how you slice it, there is always more gold to be had when you run an Emissary Flag. And it is that flag which the Reapers want.

So today, I am going to show you my personal favorite way to farm gold solo in Sea of Thieves whilst getting the benefit of an Emissary Flag, albeit without the risk.

Hope you enjoy these highlights and funny moments eventually leading us to a small fortune. Enjoy!

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30 thoughts on “How to Avoid Danger and STILL make Money in Sea of Thieves”

  1. I am super glad your Youtube Channel is doing THAT great! SUPER good content, with that good quality soooo frequent.
    I am now 3 weeks subscribed and watched every god damn video – Man I watched some even twice.
    PLEASE stay motivated to make this content. <3

  2. perhaps a video idea based off this methodd: sail to a bunch of close islands (preferably small ones) an get a lot of Skelletons orders voyages. do not complete these yet!
    after you have a lot on the same few islands, raise an emmasery and dig everything up. you should be able to get dozens of high-value cursed loot from a single island and reap the benefits while having only a fraction of the risk (as you are only a target once you are effectivley on your way to sell)

  3. I think sinking that skelly ship would have been way more comfortable if you just stuck to the ladder. The chest should still fill the ship on your back (or just on the deck by the ladder) and the skellies wouldn't be able to reach you (except maybe for the sniper one up top, not sure if it had a clear shot at any point on the ladder)

  4. imagine DPI switching (its literally not a glitch, and even though I dont make use of it, many mice just let you switch your DPI with the press of a button, mine included) and not just playing at 3200 DPI at all times

  5. Jesus seriously? Players are this scared to do quests on a rowboat? Servers are never busy enough to be so scared. Lol. Just use your ship and if a level 5 reaper portals in then sell and portal out. Use the portal against them and save your level 5 flag if you are so scared of dying in video games. Lol

  6. As a crew, is easier to do that, specially if your ship is destroyed, one can be with the treasures WITHOUT touching them, while the other is going yo get the boat. The only problem is that you cannot take the items, but you can harpoon them and drop them in the boat by pointing high with the arpoon of the boat… After that, you can do back to take the emmisar and then, you can grab your treasures to increase your emmisar level…
    At least, It worked on the previous seasson

  7. theres 8 small islands around plunder outpost (9 if you dont mind riddles get snake island aswell), just go around and kill captains (Dont do the digs) after you got some maps, raise the emissary flag and go dig

  8. I enjoyed your streams a lot. Ohyeah, attempting to fight the sloop that just spawned at the end was probably a bad idea. I laughed a lot when you listened to the chat on your stream and sadly failed.

    Great video!

  9. Hey mate, all of my friends have stopped playing this game but I have a serious urge to continue playing it… Could we start playing SOT together (I also really like your ideas and think they are a lot of fun!)

  10. WTF! Man, when it looks hard for you to play SoT solo, just go to discord and search for friends and yeah, maybe small kids could have problem with that, but remember that this game is 16+ and no-one will be stupid enough to do this 🤣. And by the way, i saw your ship parked like this once, so i took it with me and then sunk it……

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