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How To Create a Membership Website (or eCourse): click funnels

Tech for membership website:
Do you want to create a membership website? Or maybe you want to create an e-course? In this video, we will create the membership template for you using ClickFunnels. The technology for creating a membership site is so easy that you do not even need a website.

The tech for this membership site is ClickFunnels software. Click here to get a FREE 14 Day Trial of ClickFunnels.

The best thing about using ClickFunnels to create a membership site? You don’t need to be crazy technical!

If you like the membership site template / eCourse template that we’ve created…it’s yours. You can download it for free. All you have to do is click on the link.

If you already have a click funnels account then the “funnel” or membership template will automatically show up in your funnels. If you don’t, you can sign up for a free 2-week trial. That gives you plenty of time to setup your membership site or e-course and test it for free. If you decide that clickfunnels is not for you, just cancel.

We also go over some ideas for the following – but it’s not limited to:
Clickfunnels for Doctors
Clickfunnels for Real Estate
Clickfunnels for Network Marketers

Realtors – use this funnel to create a “How to Buy/Sell a Home in (city)” ecourse or a membership site that takes your new buyers or sellers through the process once the home is in escrow.

Network Marketers can use this as a tool to educate potential clients on their products.

Chiropractors could use this as a free ecourse to educate their potential patients.

This is the same membership site template / online e-course template that we created in the video.

It can easily integrate with WordPress, Wix, or any other site builder you might already be using. You can also link it straight to Facebook, Instagram, or any place you can put a link.

Step by step guide walks you through creating a membership website. This tutorial video can also show you how to create an e-course or online course.

Learn how to create a membership website step by step without code. ClickFunnels is the perfect tech to create membership site!

Get your FREE Membership Website / eCourse Template at

If you are not already a Click Funnels user, this free template will give you 2 weeks FREE access!

In this training, you’ll learn how to create a membership website that can also be used as an online course.

2:06 Create Membership Funnel
4:11 Create Sales Funnel Page
5:15 Order Form
13:01 Membership Access
15:01 Membership Area
18:52 Adding Sections to Membership Area
19:06 Adding Lessons within Sections of Membership Area

8:03: Pro Tip – Command + click on trackpad will open a new window on Macs

You might know that you want to create a membership site or an ecourse but you’re just not sure of the membership site technology. What platform should you use to create membership site? What tools do you need to create that membership site or ecourse? I’m obsessed with ClickFunnels! I say take a look around and see what you think. It’s free for the first 2 weeks, you have nothing to lose (except time and money that you might waste on other membership site technologies or platforms that are hard to work with.)

FREE sales funnel template

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Please note that I have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions. Also, it will not cost you any additional money to purchase through the affiliate links.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me by using the Message Me link. It can be accessed on my website.


3 thoughts on “How To Create a Membership Website (or eCourse): click funnels”

  1. Laura & I totally love geeking out and creating these how-to videos. Please comment below with any questions. We'd also love to know if there are any specific click funnel videos you'd like us to create.

  2. Thanks for the vid! Informative and helpful. As an aside, Maybe don't spend first 15 minutes on a sales, opt in, page and log in page, and go directly to to showing people how to create the membership site. People don't have 15 minutes to wait and hang out to get what they came for- hopefully this will help if you're internet marketers But thanks for putting this up anyway! Appreciate your efforts! Thanks!

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