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How to create an online course THAT SELLS (from a 7 figure course creator)

How to create an online course THAT SELLS (from a 7 figure course creator) / Do you want to create an online course and actually sell your online course? This is crazy to say, but I’ve generated over $6 million in revenue over the last couple of years since I started my online course business. Having learned a lot about creating, selling and scaling online courses – I obviously wanted to help fast track your progress in growing your own educational empire!

In this video I’m sharing a step-by-step breakdown of how to create and sell your online course like a BOSS!


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50 thoughts on “How to create an online course THAT SELLS (from a 7 figure course creator)”

  1. So should I do a YouTube video to go w my book, worksheets and certificate? How about the legal stuff? I’m ready to get testers and launch Would I post the YouTube video for free and it will make people want the supplies or will it be giving everything away? It’s a 30 minute zoom course for kids w 2 worksheets and a certificate.

  2. This is bullshit, you are hiding a lot of reality from us to just sell your services, basically without traffic flow on a web site, blog, businnes social media no money no customer

  3. I’m in this course where I’m learning how to start a profitable blog and I want that to be my niche do I need years of experience of blogging I never blog before but I want This to be my niche for my course is going to cost only 47$ and I think is good solid price how ever I don’t have a blogger degree is that bad ??

  4. How to resell others Online course through our own website? Is it possible? If yes than how please tell… Cus I don't want to make course from my own I just want to sell other trainee course….

  5. Honest question…how much of a successful course has to do with whether the person presenting is attractive? You're attractive, most of the people I see that have successful courses are attractive, etc. Can you still be successful without looking like a model?

  6. I am really confused around legal aspects and copyright. Would you make videos about this? Especially because i am building dance courses and i have noooo idea what to do about the copyright of the music i will use!!

  7. Question: If we already have a following who we help from our own experience and we are looking to package all the information into a step by step course, can we get some of our most interactive followers on calls and go through course info with them in order to get feedback instead of selling these live calls? The reason why I ask is because I'm dealing with people with severe chronic illnesses and I helped myself recover from decades of severe chronic illness (I was bed bound for years), so it's very detailed and intricate. I wouldn't feel right charging them at first because I want to be sure that this formula brings healing to my clients before charging anything. They've already spent so much on tried and failed treatments / consultations and that hits deep for me because I have spent literally millions in the past on doctors, protocols, treatment facilities etc. Thank you for your time and for sharing.

  8. Wow, clicked on your video and took all of the notes from your powerpoint presentation! ha! ha! I LOVED IT!! I can't believe ALL of the GREAT information you shared for absolute FREE!! You gave us a great variety of information in 18 minutes. I can't thank you enough for sharing it. I am inspiring to create my course now!!

  9. I stumbled upon your video and was like oh I like it half way through I went to see your name, then I seen your name and realized that I have been on your emailing list for years. I know your name 😅😊 this is a great video. I am stuck in not feeling like I have any expertise LOL. But I like how you share about us sharing our experience and teaching through it.

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