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How To Design: a Landing Page in 6 Steps!

Today I’m going to show you how to design a Landing Page in 6 steps! Super simple! This will help you learn Photoshop program!

But if design and coding is not your strong point thing – you can try using a building tool, like ! It’s different and very easy! You can create your landing page using click and drag editor of 116! designed blocks, choose a perfect theme and because all the templates are mobile responsive – it gonna look great on your phone and ipad 🙂
Using Bitblox you can promote and analyze your website! 30 Days Free Trial! Go try it! #ad

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Videography by Kseniya Fedorchuk






22 thoughts on “How To Design: a Landing Page in 6 Steps!”

  1. Thank you so much for your great effort. last time i watched your video and asked some questions about confusions sit in front of PC, you helped me in very good way, i think you make this video in brief details, about how to start a random project with plan, this is very clear video from previous videos, now i am clear how remove confusions, thank you once again, i hope you remembered. but i am out of confusion,

  2. Thanks for sharing! I do have a question. How do you deliver the landing page to your client? Do you send them the .psd or do you convert that to some html file?
    How do you go from .psd to a working website?

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